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Samurai Swords | Katana

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47 Ronin Asano Clan Sword (SKU: MC-47R001)47 Ronin Asano Clan Sword (SKU: MC-47R001)
You Save $58
Dragon Samurai Sword Set (SKU: 00-7X35)Dragon Samurai Sword Set (SKU: 00-7X35)
Emperor Kang-Si Sword (Gold Tone) (SKU: 20-640)Emperor Kang-Si Sword (Gold Tone) (SKU: 20-640)
Equus Jungle Katana (SKU: 20-395BM)Equus Jungle Katana (SKU: 20-395BM)
Kai's Master Oishi Sword (SKU: MC-47R002)Kai's Master Oishi Sword (SKU: MC-47R002)
You Save $58
Marble Red 3 Piece Katana Super Set (SKU: 20-YK58R4)Marble Red 3 Piece Katana Super Set (SKU: 20-YK58R4)
Michonne's Sword - Non-Limited Edition (SKU: MC-WD001P)Michonne's Sword - Non-Limited Edition (SKU: MC-WD001P)
Sword Maintenance & Cleaning Kit (SKU: PH9009)Sword Maintenance & Cleaning Kit (SKU: PH9009)
Whetstone Azure Ninjato with Display Stand (SKU: 20-SK466)Whetstone Azure Ninjato with Display Stand (SKU: 20-SK466)
Whetstone Scribe Full Tang Katana (SKU: 20-SK9018)Whetstone Scribe Full Tang Katana (SKU: 20-SK9018)

Read the differences between Samurai Swords, Ninja Swords, and Katanas.

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