Sokueto Hondachi Katana


  • The Thaitsuki Japanese Samurai Katana Series keep true to the samurai code, “To strive for perfection”.
  • All Katanas produced by the family run Thaitsuki Forge are all handmade with the highest standards and attention to detail.
  • All of  Thaitsuki’s sword craftsmen and artisans have served for years in apprenticeship under the master sword smith, Mr. Sivarat.
  • Each katana is made following the same traditional methods.
  • From the perfectly wrapped Ito, to the handmade Kashira, Menuki, Tsuba and Fuchi, each piece is made from skilled craftsmen that specialize and take pride in their art.
  • The Habaki, Menuki, Fuchi and Kashira are handmade from quality silver.
  • The Tsuka is skillfully wrapped with only leather or silk and only genuine Ray skin is used.
  • The Saya is crafted from hard wood then carefully lacquered and the Koiguchi is made from genuine black horn.
  • The blade is hand forged from only the best High Carbon – Japanese Steel and perfectly balanced.
  • Each Japanese Katana comes with it’s own individual serial number and certificate from Thaitsuki Nihonto so you can trace it back to when and by whom it was made.
  • Each katana is handmade and the fittings are handcrafted so no katana will be ever be exactly alike.
  • Each katana is it’s own, one of a kind, work of art.
  • Specs:
    • BLADE – Koto style ,High Carbon forged steel, clay coated,heat treated,hand polished.
    • With half BO-HI.
    • KOSHIRAE – Elegant Koto style black GLOSS saya.
    • Buffalo horn Koiguchi.
    • Ivory silk sageo and ivory silk tsuka- ito
    • Silver Fuchi / Kashira (SHISHI Motive.)
    • Silver Menuki.
    • Copper SHISHI Tsuba.
    • Silver seppa and Habaki.
  • This sword is extremely sharp and can be completely disassembled for full maintenance.
  • Blade is clay tempered , water quenched(not oil) and hand polished with dark brown gross saya.
  • SHISHI set Fuchi and Kashira Silver 99%, Fireblow stick on copper structure with traditional Ivory Silk 100% Tsuka ito From Japan
  • Traditional tsuka cheated with black gross genuine rayskin. More safty confident with 2 mekuji.
  • Copper tsuba blackened.
  • Fireblown to stick the Silver SHISHI on it.
  • Look both the SHISHI standout really beautifully.
  • Japanese high carbon steel clay tempered then quenched in the water.
  • Polishing live blade, razor edge and notarae hamon.
  • Bufallo horn KOIGUCHI with the soft wooden shield inside to care and fit to silver HABAKI neat and straight MUNE
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