Join Excalibur Brothers As a Brand Licensed Distributor on Amazon E-Commerce

Are you looking to partner with an established brand for growing your business and revenue on Amazon FBA and other e-commerce platforms?

Then the Excalibur Brothers Amazon FBA brand licensing program is perfect for you!

How Does it Work?

Becoming an authorized brand licensee of Excalibur Brothers is a straightforward, business-in-a-box, process.

Step 1: Review the Terms and Get Your Questions Answered

We want you to be comfortable with this business opportunity, as it is a win-win alliance. If you win, we win.

We want to work with motivated sellers who are willing to work with Excalibur Brothers for the long term. This program is based on the Blimp Method (Brand Licensing IMProved). You can watch the video interviews and story of this program and brand here on the Global From Asia podcast.

You can also download our Excalibur Brothers Brand Licensing Program booklet here. Those interested should also read the landing page too.

Step 2: Apply And See If We Are A Match

Once you are comfortable with the process, apply! We will have a client services representative get in touch with you about the program. This representative will contact you to understand your goals, while also evaluating to see if both you and our program fit right.

You can apply at the bottom of the Launch page. There are fees and terms to this program, so please have intentions of making this investment before applying to save us all the time. It is a ready-made business model prepared to have you quickly launch on Amazon.

Step 3: Use an Existing Amazon FBA Account or Make a New One

Depending on your current situation, you may be able to use your existing business license and company to do this. You will choose an Excalibur Brothers product (or suggest one that you think fits best for you, that we approve). We then work alongside you to develop this product for launch on the Amazon FBA platform.

Step 4: Work With Our Excalibur Brothers Seller Community

We want to see you succeed. As we have said above, if you succeed, we succeed. So we want you to know the other sellers in the community. Ask us any questions you might have that will help you attain that success.

You will also have access to the Blimp Method online training course and program templates to accelerate your onboarding procedure.

Step 5: Get The Product Made & Shipped

The product will be manufactured and then shipped either to a third party warehouse or to Amazon FBA directly. The launch process will get underway and we will work as a community to help you get on the fast track for this product, under the “knights” of Excalibur Brothers.

Step 6: Maintain Your Sales & Growth

Once things get rolling, and you start overseeing your PPC campaign, logistics, and inventory management, you can start to enjoy the benefits of working in the “knighthood”. We will have regular Excalibur Brothers events to engage the community and work to growing sales for all of us.

Sound good?

We would love to hear from you!

Please fill out the application form by going over to the Launch program sub-site.

Have more questions?

Here is our FAQ:

Does joining the program involve a fee?
Joining the program does require a fee for the program. We are using the Blimp Method which includes the training, templates, and program. On top of the training and system - we are also providing the listing creation (photos, videos, text, enhanced brand content) as well as the community and network launch support for your product. Essentially, you are investing in a business franchise, a “business in a box”.

Why must a franchisee who enters the program pay a set-up fee?
Every franchisee who joins the program must pay the set-up fee (the expenses on us). The set-up fee includes many services, including research and product development by analysts, setting up a franchise account, accompanying, training and mentoring you as an Amazon FBA ecommerce seller and more. Again, this is a serious business opportunity and we need to ensure those joining this program are aligned with our interests.

How much work will I need to spend managing my account?
The working time required to invest in the program depends on the number of products you will sell. In general, an average of about two hours of work per week is required per product.

What will I have to do as a franchisee?
As a franchisee your day-to-day operations will amount to simple management of your Amazon account, checking and ordering inventory, responding to customers and sponsored advertising within the Amazon system. You will learn everything during the training you will receive as part of the program.

How soon will I start seeing sales?
Our experience from previous product launches shows that the first sales appear as soon as the stock arrives at the warehouses and become available for sale (a process that lasts up to 45 days from the date of entry into the program). Of course it depends on other factors that we can not always expect, so it is only an assessment. While we may not know exactly how things will develop, with the help of market research, top-level product development and an orderly launch program, a product that goes into stock on Amazon shows sales instantly.

Is there a minimum amount to invest in stock?
In principle, the amount of stock that can be ordered depends on the type of product and the minimum conditions of the manufacturer.
We recommend that new franchisees in the program invest in initial stock in an amount of at least 200 units. This is because in order to drive the sales process, including initial launch and accumulation of momentum, a sufficient amount of inventory is required. Of course the quantity varies from product to product and the costs depending on the cost of the product but the amounts range from $ 2500 to $ 4000 dollars.

Do I receive any guidance or accompaniment?
Each new franchisee who joins our program receives close guidance, instruction and access to our content which includes detailed explanations and illustrative videos for each step and action that the franchisee will be required to perform. In addition, the franchisee will be able to contact us on chat apps or through other software on any subject and matter related to the operation of his account and without restriction.

Are there any other payments besides the upfront fee and investment in stock?
Apart from the initial program fee and investment in inventory, there are rewards paid by the franchisee as a certain percentage (usually 2.5% -3%) of his sales. The percentage of benefits varies from product to product and their payment will be settled monthly based on software tools measuring the sales.

Are inventory costs attractive compared to an independent purchase directly from the supplier?
Given our many years of acquaintance with suppliers and the development of good relationships with them, we can get very attractive quotes compared to direct purchase. In addition, our inventory purchases are joined by the advantage of buying in large quantities, which further reduces costs.

What is your commitment to me as a franchisee?
At Excalibur Brothers, we are committed to providing all franchisees with the highest level of services and tools available for running a business on Amazon. This includes dealing with vendors, photographers, graphic designers, content writers, finding products, branding, shipping, receiving reviews, promoting on social networks, external traffic and much more. We are committed to providing you with your exclusive product will have the exclusivity on it, as well as the envelope you need in order to succeed with it, whether it is personal accompaniment, training, group support and more.

What is my commitment to the company as a franchisee?
As a franchisee, you undertake to do everything in your power to promote the product and derive the maximum profit from it. This includes promotion on Amazon systems, customer response and more. You must pay attention to the stock status of the product and avoid a situation of exiting stock by ordering as required. When joining, you undertake to purchase in each period (predefined) quantity of stock (predefined). Quantity for this period varies from product to product. And to the policy of Excalibur Brothers brand and community, as set forth in the contract.

Why would you, as a successful brand, want to share your infrastructure, system and reputation with other people?
In building the Excalibur Brothers franchise program, we focused on creating a WIN-WIN situation. That is, both the brand and the franchisee benefit from the deal. While the franchisee gains the infrastructure, system and reputation of the brand that give it tremendous momentum, the brand grows and expands and improves its product inventory and market strength.

Is everyone interested in joining accepted into the Excalibur Brothers program?
The Excalibur Brothers program is not for everyone, and not everyone is suitable for it. Upon receipt of the application to join, the details of the submitter are examined and its suitability is considered. It should be borne in mind that the number of participants in the program is limited, and we are not able to accept large amounts of people each month, due to the investment and personal treatment that each franchisee receives. In fact, out of the people who fit into the program, all the former will win.

I do not know Amazon at all, is this a problem?
There is nothing to fear from a lack of familiarity with Amazon or with knowledge that you currently lack. As part of the training program you will receive close guidance and instruction, you will be able to ask questions and help us with anything you need. The program is built to teach and go step by step with each franchisee. In a sense it is even an advantage, because that way you will learn the right tools and methods, without having to erase old habits.

Will the product I receive sell? Do you promise any return?
When it comes to product sales, since we can not predict, we do not make these promises of safe returns. What we do do is ensure market research, product development and list production at the highest level. The success of our products so far speaks for itself and we let this data guide us in assessing future sales.

What happens to me as a franchisee during the development period of the first product?
During the period in which the product is developed (up to about 45 days), you as a franchisee are actually added to our infrastructure, in many respects (Wiki, SOPs, training, etc.). In addition, you will have access to our quality training and personal advice and guidance, so that you can accumulate as much knowledge and tools as possible prior to the launch of your first product. We will prepare everything so that you will be ready to do your best in terms of the system and in terms of sales.

Is it possible to cancel after entering the program? Will I get a refund?
When you sign up for the program, you sign a contract that represents our commitment and your commitment as a franchisee. The contract details all the terms of termination of the program on your part, but it is important to remember that the initial investment of the set-up fee is not refundable, as this cost goes directly to setting up your account and listing for the first product and therefore can not be returned.

Can I choose which products will be located for me? In which categories?
During admission to the program we are attentive and are here to find you the ideal product. We will be happy to tailor a product for you that you will be happy with, also in terms of product type. Of course the product costs vary so we will find you products that will fit your budget. In addition, we are constantly expanding and entering new niches, so there is always the possibility of getting new products from new categories and sub-niches.

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