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Functional Samurai Swords
Iaito Training Swords | Tameshigiri Cutting Swords

If you're looking for a fully functional samurai sword then you've found the right spot. Excalibur Brothers offers a full line of sharpened carbon steel swords for tameshigiri, unsharpened Iaito training swords, and wooden or polypropolyene practice swords for those just learning the art of sword play.

From superbly crafted beginner models by Bushido, Masahiro and Ten Ryu to exquisite hand forged, folded steel blades by Cold Steel, Hanwei-Paul Chen, and more you're sure to find exactly the sword you need. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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Sword Maintenance & Cleaning Kit (SKU: PH9009)Sword Maintenance & Cleaning Kit (SKU: PH9009)
Hanwei - Renaissance Wax 200 ml (7 oz can) (SKU: OXRW2)Hanwei - Renaissance Wax 200 ml (7 oz can) (SKU: OXRW2)
Masahiro - Dragon Blade Midnight Tanto (SKU: DB-T02)Masahiro - Dragon Blade Midnight Tanto (SKU: DB-T02)
Ryumon - Damascus Dragon Tanto - Red (SKU: RY-3046)Ryumon - Damascus Dragon Tanto - Red (SKU: RY-3046)
Last Samurai Katana (SKU: SS012BK-1)Last Samurai Katana (SKU: SS012BK-1)
Masahiro - Rouge Samurai Katana (SKU: LU-014W)Masahiro - Rouge Samurai Katana (SKU: LU-014W)
Masahiro - Great Wave Samurai Sword (SKU: MAZ-016B)Masahiro - Great Wave Samurai Sword (SKU: MAZ-016B)
Masahiro - Dragon Samurai Sword (SKU: MAZ-017B)Masahiro - Dragon Samurai Sword (SKU: MAZ-017B)
Ten  Ryu - Tatsu Katana w/ Natural Wood Scabbard (SKU: MC-3054)Ten Ryu - Tatsu Katana w/ Natural Wood Scabbard (SKU: MC-3054)
Hanwei - Practical Wushu Sword (SKU: SH2062)Hanwei - Practical Wushu Sword (SKU: SH2062)
Bushido - Demigod Katana (SKU: MC-3031)Bushido - Demigod Katana (SKU: MC-3031)
Night Demon Samurai Katana (SKU: MC-3062)Night Demon Samurai Katana (SKU: MC-3062)
Practical Series Wakizashi (SKU: SH2061)Practical Series Wakizashi (SKU: SH2061)
Ryumon - Black Bamboo Katana (SKU: RY-3051)Ryumon - Black Bamboo Katana (SKU: RY-3051)
Ryumon - AIS1060 Hand Forged Katana (SKU: RY-3042)Ryumon - AIS1060 Hand Forged Katana (SKU: RY-3042)
Bushido - Rosewood Katana (SKU: MC-3058)Bushido - Rosewood Katana (SKU: MC-3058)
Practical Shinobi Ninja-To (White Same) (SKU: SH1071)Practical Shinobi Ninja-To (White Same) (SKU: SH1071)
Bushido - Bamboo Blossom Katana (SKU: MC-3060)Bushido - Bamboo Blossom Katana (SKU: MC-3060)
Hanwei - Practical Plus Series Wakizashi (SKU: SH2118)Hanwei - Practical Plus Series Wakizashi (SKU: SH2118)
Hanwei - Practical Elite Katana (SKU: SH6000KPC)Hanwei - Practical Elite Katana (SKU: SH6000KPC)
Practical Iaito - 29" (SKU: SH6000IGG)Practical Iaito - 29" (SKU: SH6000IGG)
Practical Iaito - 27" (SKU: SH6000IGC)Practical Iaito - 27" (SKU: SH6000IGC)
Hanwei - Practical XL Light Katana (SKU: SH6000LPF)Hanwei - Practical XL Light Katana (SKU: SH6000LPF)
Cold Steel - Warrior Series - O Tanto (SKU: 88BT)Cold Steel - Warrior Series - O Tanto (SKU: 88BT)
Cold Steel - Butterfly Swords (SKU: 88BF)Cold Steel - Butterfly Swords (SKU: 88BF)
Cold Steel - Imperial Series - O Tanto (SKU: 88T)Cold Steel - Imperial Series - O Tanto (SKU: 88T)
Save $30
Hanwei - Raptor Katana - Shobu Zukuri (SKU: SH2417)Hanwei - Raptor Katana - Shobu Zukuri (SKU: SH2417)
Cold Steel - Warrior Series - Wakazashi (SKU: 88BWW)Cold Steel - Warrior Series - Wakazashi (SKU: 88BWW)
Cold Steel - Dragonfly O Tanto (SKU: 88DT)Cold Steel - Dragonfly O Tanto (SKU: 88DT)
Cold Steel - Chinese War Sword (SKU: 88CWS)Cold Steel - Chinese War Sword (SKU: 88CWS)
Cold Steel - Warrior Series - Chisa Katana (SKU: 88BCK)Cold Steel - Warrior Series - Chisa Katana (SKU: 88BCK)
Hanwei - Raptor Katana - Shinogi Zukuri (SKU: SH2414)Hanwei - Raptor Katana - Shinogi Zukuri (SKU: SH2414)
Ryumon - Phoenix Katana (SKU: RY-3201)Ryumon - Phoenix Katana (SKU: RY-3201)
Hanwei - Practical Pro Series - Katana (SKU: SH2162)Hanwei - Practical Pro Series - Katana (SKU: SH2162)
Hanwei - Practical Plus Elite Katana (SKU: SH6001KPE)Hanwei - Practical Plus Elite Katana (SKU: SH6001KPE)
Practical Plus XL Katana (SKU: SH6001XPF)Practical Plus XL Katana (SKU: SH6001XPF)
Practical Plus Series Katana (SKU: SH2073)Practical Plus Series Katana (SKU: SH2073)
Cold Steel - Warrior Series - Katana (SKU: 88BKW)Cold Steel - Warrior Series - Katana (SKU: 88BKW)
Hanwei - Practical Plus XL Light Katana (SKU: SH6001LPF)Hanwei - Practical Plus XL Light Katana (SKU: SH6001LPF)
Hanwei - Yari, Rattan Wrap (SKU: SH2312)Hanwei - Yari, Rattan Wrap (SKU: SH2312)
Cold Steel - Dragonfly Series - Wakizashi (SKU: 88DW)Cold Steel - Dragonfly Series - Wakizashi (SKU: 88DW)
Cold Steel - Emperor Series - Katana (SKU: 88K)Cold Steel - Emperor Series - Katana (SKU: 88K)
Save $50
Hanwei - Golden Oriole Series - Wakizashi (SKU: SH1019)Hanwei - Golden Oriole Series - Wakizashi (SKU: SH1019)
Battle Gim (SKU: 88FG)Battle Gim (SKU: 88FG)
Cold Steel - Dragonfly Series - Katana (SKU: 88DK)Cold Steel - Dragonfly Series - Katana (SKU: 88DK)
Hanwei - Great Wave Series - Katana (SKU: SH5004)Hanwei - Great Wave Series - Katana (SKU: SH5004)
Hanwei - Wind & Thunder - Katana (SKU: SH5001)Hanwei - Wind & Thunder - Katana (SKU: SH5001)
Hanwei - Golden Oriole Series - Katana (SKU: SH1018)Hanwei - Golden Oriole Series - Katana (SKU: SH1018)
Hanwei - Shinto - Katana (SKU: SH1001)Hanwei - Shinto - Katana (SKU: SH1001)
Sokueto Hondachi Katana (SKU: KTN5)Sokueto Hondachi Katana (SKU: KTN5)
Hunter Katana (SKU: SH2471)Hunter Katana (SKU: SH2471)

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