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  2. Today we honor all veterans who have served to protect our freedom both during times of war and times of peace.

    Excalibur Brothers thanks you for your service and dedication to keeping our great nation free for all.

    To honor both those who serve and those who are served Excalibur Brothers is offering 15% off all orders placed now through Midnight tonight Eastern Time November 11, 2014.
  3. This Friday August 8th & Saturday August 9th, 2014 is the 8th Annual Palmyra Pirate Weekend in Palmyra NY.

    The Main Street Merchants' Bazaar will run from 10:30AM to 4:30PM both days. 

    From 7PM to 10PM Friday is Pirate Whitley’s Ghost Walk & Hunt ($15 per person) and there is also a free viewing of the movie "The Goonies" in the Palmyra Village Park at dusk (approximately 8:30 to 8:45PM).

    Saturday has even more events including the Jolly Roger 5K Run & Jog at 9AM, Pirate Central,  Historic Palmyra Pirate Tales, a scavenger hunt, a pirate puppy parade, a ghost tour ($5) and a Hawaiian Luau Jam ($25).

    Palmyra is a place for all seasons so there is plenty more to check out while you're in town including several historical museums with discounted entry during Pirate Weekend.

    Registration for the Jolly Roger Walk & Jog is from 7AM to 9AM.

  4. 2014 Michigan Pirate FestivalGrand Haven, Michigan is home to the 8th annual Michigan Pirate Festival for 7 days starting Monday August 4th through Sunday the 10th.

    The Michigan Pirate Festival has partnered with the Loutit District Library for fun filled week long event throughout the Grand Haven area.

    The festival offers a week of fun, entertaining, and educational programs including a discussion series devoted to showing how real pirates lived, played, and plied their trade for good and ill from the Buccaneer Wars to the American Revolution.

    Pirate re-enactors sail into Grand Haven's waterfront, fire real cannons and muskets, and wander the streets of the city bringing all of the adventure of the Golden Age of Pirates with them. 

    I couldn't find a weapons policy on the webpage so it would be best to contact the event planners for information regarding swords and knives. However if you include any pirate swords as part of your costume make sure they are sheathed and peace tied for safety.
  5. Michigan's Upper Penisula is beautiful when summer, short as it is, is in full swing and this weekend Ishpeming Michigan (West on US 41 from Marquette) is hosting thier 15th Annual Art Faire & Renaissance Festival for one day only this Saturday August 2, 2014.

    The Festival is open from 10AM to 7PM. Being in a lesser populated area of the country makes this a smaller more intimate affair yet it grows each year and an estimated 2500 visitors are expected this Saturday.

    There will be a Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) Fight demostration at 10:30AM and 1PM. Each performance will be immediately followed by a Samurai Fight Demostration.

    There will also be a Kids Parade at 12:45, story telling at noon, a live Theatre Troupe at 3PM, and a costume judging at 5:30PM shortly before the festival ends.

    There a several free children's activites scheduled to keep the younger generation entertained and engaged.

    Naturally there will be plenty of medieval period food and last year's event brought over 75 vendors displaying thier various crafts and wares.

    For a true feeling of festival time in a small medieval town this event is a must see. Sunday would be an excellent day to take a day trip to the beautiful Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore near Munising, Michigan.

    The festival website does not cover their weapons policy so it would be a good idea to contact them but as always if you have a sword or knife as part of your costume it should always be sheathed and peace-tied for safety.
  6. The Colorado Renaissance Festival in Larkspur Colorado is in the midst of it's 2nd to last weekend for the 2014 season.

    This weekend's theme is Music & Dance. There will be belly dancing troupes, Pipe Bands, Celtic Musicians, and Irish Dance Groups throughout the festival all day long.

    You'll enjoy watching the Joust performed by The Knigths of Noble Cause Productions each day at 11:30AM, and 2:30 & 5:30PM. You're going to want to check out the Endangered Cat Show at the Castle Rose Stage 4 times each day.  

    Plus the will be food, drink and merchants throughout the town so plan on a full day of delight, entertainment and fun.

    The Festival is open 10AM-6:30PM Saturday and Sunday rain or shine and while there are no pets allowed in the Festival there is Free Parking as always.

    So come enjoy a fun filled medieval style day of Dance, Music and more this weekend.
  7. William Wallace Braveheart SwordThis Friday July 4, 2014 we celebrate the 238th anniversary of The Declaration of Independence. Although it took several more years to win the Revolutionary War and have our independence recognized by the English government we celebrate the day the document was signed and passed by the Continental Congress.

    Our union was originally formed under the Articles of Confederation which formed a weak federal governement and gave most rights to the states. However this lead to many disputes between the statesm that simply could not be solved by the federal governement given it limited powers.

    It wasn't until 1787 that the Constitutional Convention met and a new governing document was written, debated and finally passed creating a much stronger federal government that could negotiate disputes between the states. Many of our representatives felt this document gave too much power to the federal governement and could lead to a similar form of government they had fled in Europe. To this end 10 amendments were added to the Consititution which later became known as "The Bill of Rights" protecting the people and the states from a federal government with too much power.

    While many today consider the 2nd Amendment (The right to keep and bear arms in a well formed militia) as applying to firearms it applies to any and all weapons of defense including battle axes, swords and knives.

    To honor the anniversary of our Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States and The Bill of Rights Excalibur Brothers is having an Independence Day Sale and you can save 15% on all items ordered.from now through Midnight July 4, 2014 Eastern Daylight Time.

    Celebrate your right to keep and bear arms and save some $$ too. 
  8. June brings Graduation celebrations and Father's Day. I remember my graduation open house in 1980. I received "a lot of money" and it was greatly appreciated as I was traveling to Europe that summer. However I also received a unique gift that day. A sailboat made from copper my cousin Gary Piper gave me. Long after the money was gone I had that sailboat. It was finally lost in a house fire over 20 years later.

    So if you have a graduation open house to attend you may want to be the one who gives the gift that is kept, remembered and treasured for years to come. There are a lot of unique gifts but the right knife or sword might be the decoration or tool to give someone they will always remember.

    This month is also the time to celebrate the Father's of these fine young adults graduating High School and college. Yes the third Sunday of every year, June 15th this year, is Father's Day. The time we take to honor the masculine half of parents. A man can always use a knife in his tool collection even if they already have one or two. :)

    In honor of these two celebrations Excalibur Brothers is having a Graduation and Father's Day Sale. For a limited time you will receive 15% off your order before shipping charges. Plus if your order after discount is $199.01 or more and you live in the 48 contiguous United States you will receive free ground shipping.

    There are a lot of great gift ideas for both Dads and Grads.
  9. Mace of Azog The Defiler - The Hobbit Movie ReplicaExcalibur Brothers is running it's annual Memorial Day Weekend Sale.

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    This is your chance to save big dollars on all the items you've been waiting to order. Again this offer is only for limited time until Midnight Eastern Daylight Time on Monday May 26, 2014.
  10. The 2014 Bay Area Renaissance Festival is in full swing at MOSI (Museum of Science & Industry) in Tampa, FL. This is the festival's 22nd year and once again each weekend has a different theme.

    The festival started on February 22 and is open 10AM to 6PM every Saturday and Sunday through April 6, 2014 plus Friday April 4, 2014.

    Since St. Patrick's Day is Monday March 17 this weekend's theme is naturally Shamrocks & Shenanigans and is billed as Tampa's largest St. Patrick's Day party.

    You'll be able watch a variety of Highland Games that were popular during Medieval Times in Ireland as well as enjoy a variety of Irish music and dance.

    There will be a Breamar Stone Throw, an open stone throw, a heavy weight toss for distance competition, Caber toss among many other events culminating with an awards ceremony at 4:45PM.

    You'll also get the chance to shop at some amazing Irish Vendors and sample a variety of Celtic food while at the festival this weekend.

    Tickets are only $19.95 at the gate for Teens & Adults ($16.95 if purchased online in advance) and $11.95 ($8.95 in advance) for children ages 5-12. Children ages 4 and under are free. There is a $10 charge for dog admission (Registration Required)

    To learn more about the Bay Area Renaissance Festival and the various themed weekends check out this YouTube video produced by the festival organizers.

    According to the website firearms are banned on the festival grounds. Swords, knives, dirks and daggers are allowed as part of your costume but must be completely sheathed and peace-tied. No drawing of weapons is allowed during the festival and you must be 18 to include a weapon with your costume. It also states that axes, claymores, maces, antique firearms, pikes and halberds are NOT allowed on the Festival site.

    If you'd like to see more examples of what to expect when attending the faire check out this YouTube sword fighting contest video.

  11. Thaitsuki Nihonto KTN5 Sokueto Hondachi KatanaExcalibur Brothers has recently received a new shipment of Thaitsuki Nihonto swords. These highly sought after swords are often available only on a pre-order basis as usually the number of swords received are not enough to fill existing backorders and often times can take 3-6 months to receive from the time of order.

    Fortunately this last shipment left us with a few to put on the shelf. If you've been looking for a KTN3 Hoso Kumiage Katana, KTN4 Kumori Katana or KTN5 Sokueto Hondachi Katana now is your chance to order one and not have to wait the usual 3 to 6 months it can normally take to fill your order.

    These swords are fully functional and forged in the Yamato Nihonto tradition making it a durable, flexible and extremely sharp blade. While these are a high end swords they make an excellent addition to any sword enthusiasts collection.

    Make sure to order yours today while supplies last as it may a while before we have an excess supply like this again.
  12. Zombie Hunter Throwing Knife TargetExcalibur Brothers is please to present free throwing knife targets. They are produced by Master Cutlery and are available to download for absolutely no charge.

    After going to the Throwing Knife Targets page you can simply right-click on the target or targets you want and save them to your computer. Then you can print them over and over again as often as you like.

    Mount them on a surface that will easily allow the throwing knives to stick such as a cork board, dart board or piece of drywall and you can practice by yourself or have a competition with your friends.

    Excalibur Brothers does not recommend mounting them on a piece of hard wood, particle board or plywood as these surfaces have a tendency to be extremely difficult for the throwing knives to penetrate and if the throw doesn't hit these hard surfaces correct may cause the throwing knife to break, be damaged or may even cause injury to the thrower or spectators if it bounces off wildly.

    Throwing knives are gaining in popularity and if you've never used them a throwing knife guide is available written by throwing knife creator Gil Hibben. You can order the book by itself or the guide is included free of charge with any of the Gil Hibben brand of throwing knives (limit 1 guide per order).

    We hope you enjoy these free targets and the hours of entertainment provided while practicing the sport and art of knife throwing.
  13. Kenau Reeves stars in the first Hollywood adaptation of the Japanese folk story 47 Ronin.

    Reeves play Kai a "half-breed" from an English sailor and Japanese mother. He had been rejected and exiled by his own people.

    After the murder of a samurai master by a wicked and mystical Shogun, a group now leaderless samurai knows as the 47 Ronin enlist the aid of Kai the man they once rejected.

    Fast moving action scenes, mystical adversaries and lots of special effects mark this version of the Japanese classic story released on Christmas Day 2013.

    Master Cutlery has obtained the official license to reproduce the swords in the Universal Studios release. Now you can own each of these 47 Ronin Movie Sword Replicas.

    But you have to hurry as each sword is limited in production to just 2000 pieces worldwide. You will get a serialized certificate of authenticity with the blade to show you own an originial officially licensed version.

    Here's the official Movie Trailer on YouTube

  14. The 2013 Great Plains Renaissance Festival is set for this weekend, Saturday September 21 & Sunday September 22, in Sedgewich Park, Wichita, Kansas.

    There will be a Cosplay Costume Contest, pirates, fairies and knights. You'll also see firebreathers, jugglers, musicians and dancers from across the realm. There will also be plenty of medieval food and artisan crafts at the vendors. 

    Make sure to check out the Jousting demostration by Jousting Evolution.

    Here's a YouTube video from last year's event.

    The FAQS page states that weapons are allowed as long as they are peace-tied to prevent the weapon from being drawn. Here's the quote from the website.

    Make sure that your blade is properly bound so as not to be drawn by anyone else. You may not draw your blades or medieval replica weapons at the festival. Exposed blades and weaponry are expressly forbidden. Violators will be asked to place their blades/replica weapons in their vehicle or will be expelled without refund at the discretion of the festival staff.

    Admission this year is only $11 for adults and $5 for children under 12. You can also save up to $7.50 if you purchase your tickets online.
  15. The 32nd Annual Lakewood Renaissance Faire is being held next weekend Saturday September 21 and Sunday September 22, 2013.

    This annual event helps raise funds for The Lions Club of Lakewood, NJ. They supply vision and hearing screenings, eyeglasses and hearing airds for the needy as well as scholarships for graduation high school seniors.

    The Lakewood Lions and the SCA first transformed the park into “Ye Village of Pine Park in the Barony of Carillion in the East Kingdom” on September of 1981.

    Harken back to medieval times and see what life was like during the Europen Middle Ages. Throughout the day there will be archery competitions, Knights in hand to hand combat, weapon throwing competitions, fencing and yes even several rounds of jousting.

    It's a great way to have some fun and give back to the community at the same time. This is a truly affordable event as well. Adults are only $10.00, Children 6-12 only $1.00 and wee ones under 5 years of age are free.

    Check out this YouTube video of the jousting match from the 2010 event.

    The website doesn't have a FAQS page or discuss their weapons policy so it would be best to contact them before you include and swords or knives as part of your costume. As always it's best to peace tie any medieval weapons you want to wear.
  16. While deemed to be fictional creatures of the dark, certain cultures do suggest that these blood suckers do indeed exist. Over the ages, many instances of vampiric entities have been seen and recorded. The areas from where the frequent legends came from belong to the Balkans and the Eastern Europe. While even folklores have suggested a wide range of appearances of the blood sucking creatures, it has been Bram Stoker’s novel in 1897 that came by the name of Dracula, the king of Vampires that proves the basis for modern vampire characters.

    Whatever it is, when there is a villain, there must be a hero to save society, and when we are talking of evil blood sucking creatures of the night, there is something more that the hero needs to be equipped with other than the courage to fight back.

    All of us are aware of the fact that you cannot simply kill a vamp with bullets or other ordinary weapons. It is only crucifixes and holy swords and knives that can pierce their hearts and sent them to permanent extinction. Since they are faster and stronger than humans and equipped with sharper senses, identifying a vampire is only the first step. Knowledge of how to use specific weapons and fighting skills will be needed to finish the job. Here are the weapons that no vampire hunter will miss in his/her kit.

    Ultraviolet Movie Sword Replica - Violet's Sword
    Ultraviolet SwordUltraviolet had vowed with her life to send the vampires to extinction. Vampires can and will recover fast but Violet’s machete/samurai sword will bring them down long enough for you to proceed with a swift decapitation. However, there isn’t a chance that an ordinary human being will be capable to piercing the dark heart of a blood sucker. It is the courage and skills of Violet that will be the real challenge.

    Balkan Revenant's Cross

    Balkan Revenant's CrossHollywood has suggested time and often that Crucifixes have been enough to repel and defeat vampires and for that matter a pair of hunting knives held in the shape of a cross is enough for the attack. However, it isn’t necessarily so! Balkan Revenant’s Cross is a Greek orthodox cross that even the mightiest of vampires will shrink in fear from.

    The Night Stalker Fantasy Knife

    Night Stalker Fantasy KnifeTo match the vampire’s superior speed, you need to be agile like a vampire. There are rarely weapons like the Night Stalker Fantasy Knife that contribute to the cause. The grip ensures that the weapon becomes a part of your body while the wind blades and metal claws will be feared by the suckers. Light and strong, these blades will pierce immortality.

    Dracula's Castle Dagger

    Dracula's Castle DaggerDracula’s own Castle Dagger  is one of the few weapons that can actually hurt a vampire. The bat wings make it fly through the air using the vampires’ own powers against them. 
  17. Hobbits had inhabited Middle Earth for millenia and cared little for the affairs of men, elves, dwarves and wizards. They had a general dislike of anything that seemed like an adventure. The Lord of the Rings trilogy, however, exposed us to the lovable characters Frodo Baggins, Samwise Gamgee, Meriadoc Brandybuck and Peregrin Took who risked their lives and fought for its protection. The story of how the One Ring was found, the story of Bilbo Baggins and his quest to Erebor with the dwarves has finally been brought to the big screen after countless years of waiting. Here is a sneak-peak into the blades that protected The Shire and Bree of Middle Earth.

    Thorin Oakenshield's Sword - Orcrist

    The dwarf prince Thorin Oakenshield may have thrown away Orcrist, had he not been told of the blade’s greatness. Made by great elven warriors in the time of the Westernesse the sword was wielded by the leader of the dwarven clan and was buried with him in Erabor.

    The cleaving edge was the nightmare of the goblin kind and this is also the reason that the sword got a nickname of “Goblin Cleaver”.

    The Orcrist Movie Sword Replica recreates the look of a polished dragon fang and is superbly light, balanced and hardy. Further providing flexibility, the razor sharp blade will cut almost anything in its way, not just the orcs and goblins.          

    The Staff of Gandalf

     Wielded by one of the most powerful wizards in Middle Earth, the Staff of Gandalf isn’t just a walking stick.

    Gandalf could conjure up his inner power and direct it straight at his enemies!

    He could use it to split rocks, start fires, provide light, or give it a good swing and take out dozens in one blow.

    You to can have this staff and conjure up your own inner power.    

     Glamdring – the Sword of Gandalf
    If Gandalf's magical staff isn’t enough for you then maybe you prefer Glamdring. The sacred weapon of the mighty wizard, Glamdring was the creation of the high elves from the West.

    Glamdring had been lost for a thousand years before it was found with Orcrist and Sting by Bilbo and the Dwarves in the troll lair in Rhûdaur. No record has ever been found telling how it came to be in the Trolls possession.

    The blade was used to defeat the evil forces of the Goblins in The Misty Mountains and to protect the Fellowship of The Ring in their efforts to destroy the One Ring.

    The sword remained on Gandalf’s side when he sailed to the west with the other elves and Great Ring Bearers Elrond, Galdriel and Frodo.      

    Sting – the Sword of Bilbo Baggins

     Bilbo's sword was really more a knife or dagger but for someone barely 3 feet tall it was perfect for use as a sword. It was found with Orcrist and Glamdring in the trolls lair. After Bilbo's fight in Mirkwood with the spiders he proclaimed. "I shall name you Sting."

    Like Orcrist and Glamdring this is a special elven sword and glows blue when Goblins or Orcs draw near. Should you ever awaken to a blue glow you can grab Sting and embrace it's amazing power.

    The wielder of Sting can display cunning and confidence using this unique and awesome movie replica.    

    For these and even more movie sword replicas. Head on over to Excalibur
  18. Some folks don't feel that decapitating villains can be deemed sexy. Think again! Hollywood has proven otherwise time and time again when girls seeking revenge have pulled out their swords and knives from the decorated sheaths around their gorgeous waists! Isn’t that enough to drive any man mad? After all, intelligence, power, and good looks demand due respect and attention. A beauty trains hard to hone her skills, the hourglass figure being a side effect of her breathtaking presence. Be it the Egyptian princess fighting for her freedom or the vampire hunters who have half the blood of a killer, they surely have shown some bold moves.

    Rachael Weisz from “The Mummy Returns”

    With the exotic ornamentation on her skin, it doesn’t matter if she had taken any training at sai fighting. She is pitted against another hot babe, Patricia Velasquez and fights for her nobility in front of her father. Men would have wanted to make that fight last longer, even if she lost in the end.

    Catherine Zeta-Zones from the “Zorro” movies

    She almost has it all, the killer looks, pretty good acting skills and she presents a convincing rapier handling technique. Appearing in two of the ‘Zorro’ movies, she really does get the bonus points when fighting toe-to-toe with Antonio Banderas. The scene provides an entrance into a cheesy romance and the fire in her swordplay.

    Keira Knightley from “Pirates of the Caribbean”

    Not just one to wield a pirate sword, this beauty has done the magical slashing in ‘King Arthur’ too. Gorgeous on the eyes, her pirate wear further reveals the hot blood boiling within! She is on a mission and she could go to any bold extent to reach a conclusion – either by seducing Jack or bringing her cutlass against him. Watch the video to see what she has to say about fighting the boys.

    Kristanna Loken from “Bloodrayne”

    Sure, nobody ever accused Uwe Boll of making a good movie, but the opening scene itself provided a glimpse of how exotic and charming could be a combination of steel and skin. In a gruesome tale of vampires and werewolves, she gets all the eyeballs and does wreck some serious havoc!

    Zoe Bell and Monica Staggs from Kill Bill Volume II

    An article about babes and blades and we are not taking about this movie? Impossible! Uma Thurman rocked as the immortal Quentin Tarantino vision of the “Bride”. Complete with her Hatori Hanzo sword and a blood thirsty vendetta, she mixes it up in this explosive head-to-head and hand-to-eye fight against the calculating Elle Driver.

    Stunt doubles Zoe Bell and Monica Staggs won a stunt award for showing just how dirty a fight between two blond babes can be.

  19. Lovers of swords and knives have been engaged in a battle that seems to reach back as far as our interest in all things that bash, slice, and dice.

    Which one is more effective: the terrifying sharpness and formidable strength of the Samurai swords, or the blunt force of the European longsword?

    First let’s take a look at both.


    The Samurai sword or the Katana is said to be strong enough to slice a body in two, but precise enough to cut a human hair. The curved blade is made to be used with swift movements to leave your opponent filleted before he even knows what hit him.

    The process of forging an authentic Katana takes months to complete. A block of steel is pounded flat and then folded and pounded flat again. This process helps remove impurities from the steel creating a stronger more flexible blade. Folding a blade just 10 times creates 1024 layers. An additional 4 folds brings the total layers to over 16,000. This process creates a distinct pattern in the sword.

    The blade is then quenched in water to temper the steel. Many Japanese swordsmiths coated the blade in clay using different thicknesses for the back and the cutting edge before quenching the blade. The different thicknesses caused the blade to cool at different rates creating a harder edge and more flexible back. This method is known as the Japanese Claying Method.

    From there the blade is meticulously crafted with a curved edge to allow the sword to be pulled from the scabbard and then slash or cut an opponent all in one motion.

    Last an expert sword polisher gets his hands on the blade and finishes the last stage. His efforts make the blade scalpel sharp using polishing stones.

    The end result is a swift Samurai sword that can cut through flesh and bone like warm butter.


    Known as a Knight’s trusty sidekick, there is something hopelessly gallant and romantic about the cold steel of a European Longsword.

    Built to be used with force by a heavy hand, this sword is great for cutting and crunching some ribs. Made to be used with two hands in melee, every inch is designed for hand to hand combat.

    Both swords were used by the aristocracy, and both have captivated us for centuries.

    So which sword is the best?

    Well, find out from watching this video.

  20. A well choreographed sword fight scene doesn't just stay on the screen, it explodes across your face drenching you in testosterone-filled awesomeness. Here are 5 of the most memorable sword fight scenes ever committed to film.

    1. The Battle of Stirling - Braveheart (1995)  Never has a movie scene displayed the brutal reality of a sword fight. Limbs fly, eyes are gouged, and throats are slit. Instead of being treated to a highly polished scene you are left with what resembles a blood spattered football brawl that would leave you screaming "Retreat!" if you were on the receiving end. Even the horses aren't safe from the vengeful blade of William Wallace.  

    2. King Leonidas and 300 vs the Persians - 300 (2007)  King Leonidas is the reigning badass leader that was ever committed to film. This dude took out a vicious wolf in a snow storm with nothing more than a pointed stick, so just imagine the damage he does with his Sword of Sparta. After lobbing his spear at an invading Persian to connect a perfect hit he proceeds to slash, rip, and generally open a can of whoop ass all over the horde. The movie has no choice but to slow things down as the Persians are backed off a cliff due to unbelievable awesomeness.  

    3. Gladiators vs "Barbarian Horde"- Gladiator (2000)  Armed with nothing but spears and simple shields, exiled General Maximus faces a seemingly unwinnable enemy. The Barbarian Horde is equipped with chariots and bows and arrows while our hero is left with his wits and leadership skills. After getting his hands on a proper Roman Blade a few smart moves end with overturned chariots and Maximus commanding his troops from atop a steed. This victory is a turning point that leads to a shakeup of the Roman empire. What could be more boss than that?  

    4. Yu Shu Lien vs Jen Yu - Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon (2000)
      These ladies have to make an appearance as they mix it up and hold nothing back. The skill of Yu Shu is no match for the supreme design of the ancient Green Destiny Ninja Sword. Watch as it slices through swords, spears, and a metal bat during this no holds barred cat fight that can only come at the end of a friendship and the beginning of every male fantasy.  

    5. Neo vs The Merovingians Minions - The Matrix Reloaded (2003)  The Matrix will always be known for its innovations in filming fight scenes and bullet-time. However, this fight scene is a force to be reckoned with. Fighting off programs armed with maces, daggers, and tridents, Neo uses his telekinesis and mad skills to serve these programs on a platter. Greco-Roman statues aren't safe from his wrath as the scenery literally crumbles under his destructive powers. Whether he is dishing it up with a serrated sword, ninja sais, or a club; one thought runs through your head: "Shouldn't have f-ed with him!"

    Get your own fight on with Excalibur Brothers or use Twitter to
  21. Hello Everyone,

    Here's a little treat for you. A chance to see Orcrist in video.

    Hope you like the review.

  22. It's time once again to honor that special man in your life, your father.

    Isn't time you went past the bottle of cologne, silk tie or money clip. When you're looking for a special gift for "the man who has everything" look no further. Every man loves a good knife.

    Knives are essential in many everyday uses, from opening boxes and cutting twine, to being used in the field while hunting. Knives are also used in emergency situations by EMT's to break glass and cut seat belts not to mention in survival situations while back country camping or hiking.

    Get the most special man in your life something special he can really use and cherish.

    Right now are offering an additional 10% off your order until Father's Day Sunday June 16, 2003. The only exclusions are our 3 weekly specials that run from Friday to Thursday each week.

    Happy Father's Day (and don't forget the new graduate.)

  23. Buck Knives - Made in USA since 1902Excalibur Brothers is proud to announce it now carries the Buck Knives brand of fixed blade knives and pocket folders.

    Buck Knives, manufacturing knives since 1902, still bears the mark "Made in the USA".

    These are top quality highly sought after collectible knives. Many are limited editions and only available for a short time.

    These have arrived just in time for Father's Day so don't forget the most important man in your life. Truly a unique gift for "The Man Who Has Everything." (or those that don't too.)

  24. We have finally received some of the hard to get Cold Steel swords. These always move fast when they arrive so make sure you grab them while you can!

    Cold Steel Warrior Series KatanaCold Steel Warrior Series Katana - SKU # 88BKW
    Cold Steel Hand & A Half SwordCold Steel Hand & A Half Sword - SKU # 88HNH
    Cold Steel Hand & A Half DaggerCold Steel Hand & A Half Dagger - SKU # 88HNHD
    Cold Steel Grosse MesserCold Steel Grosse Messer - SKU # 88GMS

  25. The Staff of Gandalf from the movie The Hobbit: An Unexected Journey is now available. 

    The classic book by J.R.R. Tolkein has been adapted into a 3 part movie series from New Line Productions and is directed by Peter Jackson director of "The Lord of The Rings" trilogy.

    Gandalf's staff is more than just a walking stick. It is a source of ancient power in Middle Earth and has the power to split rock, provide light and even start fires.

    This is an officially licensed version, meticulously recreated from the original movie prop and produced by United Cutlery a leader in fine movie replicas.

    Best of all it's on sale until the end of March for just $138.97 (that's less than BudK and 32% off the suggested retail)
  26. I finally got to go to the Gasparilla Parade this year. I've visited Florida in January several times over the last few years but never had the opportunity to attend the event. So this year I made sure to bring my camera.

    It took me a little bit of time to learn how to remove the audio from the video as someone in the background was being rather rude and offensive (at least until they saw we had children with us) so I didn't want to expose you to that language.

    I found some royalty free music that was rather upbeat to replace it with. I hope you enjoy this video and we look forward to providing you with several more over the next month.

  27. Merry Chrismas To All! We want to thank everyone for making this a wonderful and successful Christmas season once again. As our way of saying thank you we are having a year end special. You can save an additional 10% off our everyday low sale prices during checkout. No coupon code needed.

    The special runs until 11:59PM eastern time December 31, 2012. May the spirit of love, peace and giving be with you this Christmas and always.
  28. Boker Solingen Leopard Damascus Boot Knife Just a quick note that we have several new Boker brand knives in stock. Check them out on our New Arrivals page.

    Several limited edition models that are serialized with Certificates of Authenticity.

    There are even a couple made from steel taken from the German Leopard Battle Tank and forged Damascus style.
  29. We'd like to thank everyone who came buy and visited or purchased from Excalibur Brothers over the Holiday weekend and especially on Cyber Monday. Due to the overwhelming response we have decided to extend our sale until Midnight at Thursday November 29, 2012.

    It's folks like you that give us reason to be thankful for being in business. No matter what your sword or knife needs we hope we have something you will want and love. If it weren't for you we simply would be in business. This means we strive to offer the best service possible and if something isn't right we will make it right. Your satisfaction comes first.

    If you ever have a question, comment or complaint feel free to call me directly on our toll free line 1-877-220-3259 and for Lawrence (I might even be the one answering the phone) and I will be happy to talk with you personally.

    Thank you again for the opportunity to serve you and I look forward to serving you again soon.

    Lawrence Piper
  30. Just a reminder that Excalibur Brothers is offering 10% off all orders for Cyber Monday. We also have several extra special deals on the home page where you save not only 10% off our everyday sale price but an additional $10-$25 depending on the item chosen.

    If you or a loved one are a lover of fantasy medieval, samurai or ninja swords now is the time to buy. You'll also find great deals on hunting knives, pocket knives, throwing knives and fantasy knives.

    The sale runs until Midnight tonight November 26, 2012 Eastern Standard Time.

    Hope to see you there.
  31. After the ordeal of Black Friday those who still haven't found all the great deals that they wanted are encouraged to "shop small" and support small businesses both local and online.

    Small businesses offer a unique advantage over the big box stores in that while you may not find the latest and great electronic gadgets and gizmos at super low prices you will get great deals on items not found in those impersonal super stores. Plus you'll receive great personalized service from owners and employees who actually care about their customers.

    Small businesses are the backbone of the American and world economy. While figures may differ depending on the source used it's commonly agreed that small business (companies with fewer than 500 employees) employ over 50% of the US workforce and may account for up to 75% of those in the job market. The difference is that many one person or owner operated companies get missed by many of the statistics if there is no payroll data being reported to the government.

    Excalibur Brothers is pleased to be in the small business category. What this means is that Excalibur Brothers is small enough to care about their customers and visitors. We know that you the customer are vital to the survival of our business and that we must take care of you in a professional and courteous manner or we will not survive. So we offer great service, competitive pricing, fast shipping and the promise that if and when a problem arises with your order that it will be taken care of to your complete satisfaction.

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    So to celebrate being in the Small Business category we encourge you to "Shop Small" today November 24, 2012 as part of the Small Business Saturday event sponsored by American Express. During our Small Business Saturday Sale we are offering 10% off our everyday sale prices and even have a few extra special items that you will save from $10 to $25. We'd love to be able to offer 75% off our prices like the "Big Box" stores but the truth is we don't mark our product up enough to be able to mark them down that much. That means everyday you are getting the best prices we can offer and still make a fair profit and stay in business.

    So today and everyday remember to "Shop Small" and keep the American economy growing.

    Thanks for visiting and shopping with Excalibur Brothers.

    Lawrence Piper - Proud owner of a small business.
  32. Predator Movie Knife Replica - Signature EditionI wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Excalibur Brothers is running 10% off all in stock items from now through Monday November 26. Plus we have 4 very special items that you can save even more on.

    I would like to make a list of things I am thankful for. While I don't have the room or the time to list everything for which I am thankful as there is a whole lot these are a few that I feel top the list.

    I am thankful and grateful for:
    • My wonderful daughters Jessica, Heather and Rebecca
    • My 8 beautiful and handsome Grandchildren
    • All my friends both old and new
    • The visitors and customer of this website
    • The food that graces my table everyday
    • The clothes on my back and in my closet
    • My dependable, reliable van
    • A new perspective on life and gratitude
    • A loving and caring God
    • The Law of Attraction
    • The Earth which I inhabit
    • The beauty of nature
    • My health
    • Abundance in life of all the things I need and desire
    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone. May you have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and an abundant & blessed life.

    Lawrence Piper

  33. This is the final weekend of the 9th Annual Sarasota Medieval Fair. The fair runs from 9AM to 6PM this Saturday and Sunday November 17 & 18, 2012 at the Sarasota Fairgrounds come rain or shine.

    You'll experience knights in shining armor, jousting, sword fighting, minstrels and belly dancers. Naturally you'll be able to feast on giant turkey legs and other delectible treats from medieval times. There will be rides and games for the kids and 11 stages of entertainment with over 75 shows daily.

    Don't forget to visit the new artisan marketplace with over 100 shops, food stands and snack booths. Check out the official commercial courtesy of YouTube and the Sarasota Medieval Fair.

    Visitors are encouraged to dress in costume to really get the feel of the fair but if you include any bladed weapons with your costume they must be sheathed and peace-tied for safety.
  34. Excalibur Brothers is excited to announce that you can now purchase your favorite swords and knives and take up to 6 months to pay for them. During the checkout process simply choose PayPal as your billing option and then choose the "Bill Me Later" option.

    Plus from now through November 30, 2012 if your order totals more than $99 you can have no payments AND no interest for 6 months. (Credit approval is required and balance must be paid within 6 months to avoid accruing interest on the purchase)

    If you are already a "Bill Me Later" customer you don't even have to apply. This is just in time for Christmas too.

    Hanwei Bamboo Stick SwordEven if you are only shopping for yourself and wanted that really cool sword you thought you'd need to save money for you can order it and make payments instead of trying to save it all up ahead of time.

    Now more than ever Excalibur Brothers offers you the products you want at competitive prices with fast shipping and now financing available. Thank for shopping at Excalibur

  35. The Twin Cities Pioneer Press reported Thursday Nov 1, 2012 that a 57 year old grandmother and her 13 year old grandson were stabbed to death on Minneapolis' north side Monday October 29, 2012 by what police think was a samurai sword.

    22 year old Ishmael Roberts22 year old Ishmael Roberts has been charged with 2 counts of 2nd degree murder in the double homicide. Roberts was apprehended in Iowa on Monday. The sword however was not found and police believe he discarded the sword somewhere between the twin cities and where he was taken into custody in Waterloo Iowa.

    For more details see the complete article at

    Please keep in mind that this is not the fault of the samurai sword but rather the person who weilded it. Swords and knives are tools just like any other tool. A hammer can be used to build a house or to hit someone in the head. The tool has no idea how it is being used. It is the intent of the person controlling the tool that determines if it's use is good or bad.

    If you are a samurai sword collector check out the vast selection of functional and replica samurai swords available here:
  36. The 26th annual Tucscon Celtic Festival and Highland Games begins this evening Friday Nov 2, 2012 and continues through Sunday Nov 4, 2012 at Rillito Raceway Park in Tucson Arizona.

    Friday night is Festival Pub Night from 6:00PM to 10:00 PM and admission is $8 per person but the first 50 people receive free admission. Saturday the festival gates are open from 9:00AM to 10:00PM and Sunday's hours are from 9:00AM to 5:00PM with a closing ceremony at 4:00PM.

    There will be musical performances all day long, as well as Bagpipe Bands, Celtic Merchants & Eateries, Scottish Clans, Heritage & Cultural Booths, Highland Athletics & more.

    Admission on the weekend is $15 for ages 16 to 64. Ages 6 - 15 are only $5 per day while children ages 5 and under are admitted for free. Seniors 65 and older are only $10 per day and all adults can get a Saturday/Sunday 2 day pass for $20.00

    To get a feel for the type of music you can expect check out this YouTube video of The Out of Kilters at last years event.

    Also make sure to check out our selection of medieval and Celtic pendants at
  37. The 11th Annual Lady of the Lakes Renaissance Faire takes place this weekend Friday Nov 2, 2012 through Sunday Nov 4, 2012 at the Hikory Point Recreation Facility of Tavares, Florida.

    The faire features jousting, fire-eaters, jugglers, pirates and more. Over 100 performers and 60 artisans join together to give you a taste of Medieval life in the 16th century.

    Admission is just $13 for ages 12 and up and children 4-11 are only $7.00. Best of all all the proceeds from the ren faire benefit the Education Foundation of Lake County, Florida.

    Check out this YouTube video put out by Lake County Florida that tells more about the faire.

    The website does not specify a weapons policy so please check with the faire coordinator before including any swords, knives, axes or other bladed weapons as  part of your costume.

    If you are looking for a great medieval sword to include with your costume make sure to check out our medieval swords page at
  38. Happy Halloween to everyone. For those in the northeast suffering the after effects of Sandy I hope that life will return to normal for you as soon as possible. May God bless and keep you in these times of trial.

    For everyone else I hope that you have a safe and enjoyable Halloween with no tricks and lots of treats.

    As it's my 50th birthday today I am offering an additional 10% off all orders today. It's a great time to get your Christmas shopping done for the sword and knife enthusiast in your life.

    Here's a cute little Halloween Light Show video for you to enjoy.

  39. Excalibur Brothers has made the decision to discontinue carrying The Mountain brand t-shirts. While we believe they are the best quality printed t-shirt available on the market today sales have been consistently slow over the 2 years. Recently The Mountain also abandoned their wholesale only policy and is currently offering their complete line of t-shirts to the general public on their own e-commerce website.

    While they are selling at the full MSRP and our prices were slightly less we believe that most people will buy directly from the manufacturer whenever possible as long as the prices are competitive. This and a few other factors have led us to discontinue offering the line and to clearance price what we have left in stock. All T-Shirts are now $9.97 plus shipping and a sundresses are $18.97 for what we have left in stock.

    Check out our Clearance Items page to see what sizes and styles are still available.
  40. The 13th Annual City of Farmington's Renaissance Faire is taking place this weekend in Farmington, NM at the Rocky Reach Landing in Animas Park off Browning Parkway.

    Admission to this event is free and there is parking available for only $3.00.

    There will be lots of food, fun and entertainment. The faire is open on Saturday from 10AM to 7Pm and Sunday from 11AM to 5PM.

    Check out this YouTube video of Las Gitanas gypsy dancers from last year's event.

    I could not find a weapons policy on the website so it would be best to contact the event coordinators to find out the actual policy but as always if you include swords and knives as part of your costume make sure you have them sheathed and peace tied for safety.

    As a side note if you are looking for a great sword that will withstand the stresses and trials of Ren Faire combat checkout out the blunt Hanwei Tinker Re-Enactor's Longsword here:
  41. Excalibur Brothers is happy to announce that Musashi brand swords are now available.

    Musashi swords are fully functional, sharpened, carbon steel swords at affordable prices.

    Excalibur Brothers now offers the entry level line of Musashi brand samurai swords and katana. These swords are made with carbon steel blades but are competitively priced to match or beat the prices of many stainless steel replica display swords.

    You'll love this line of swords. Affordable, functional and hand crafted with quality and care. If you are unsatisfied for any reason you can return the sword for a full refund within 10 days no questions asked. We even refund any ground shipping charges you may have paid when you ordered.
  42. The days are growing shorter and the nights are getting colder. This always signals the end of renaissance faires and medieval festivals in the northern states. But there are a few weekends left to hang out and have fun. One example is the Ohio Renaissance Festival.

    The faire is still running this Saturday and Sunday October 13-14, 2012 and next weekend October 20 & 21, 2012. The event is open 10:30AM to 6:00PM both days. If you buy tickets online they are only $16.99 for teens and adults a savings of $3.00 off the gate price. Children ages 5-12 are only $8.99 a savings of $1.00 off the gate price.

    There will be tons of entertainment including live music, stage shows and even a full armored joust. Plus this weekend's theme is Oktoberfest so there will be plenty of beer and brats at the village pubs as well as the annual pumpkin decorating contest.

    Check out this YouTube video from the jousting and sword fighting events earlier this year.

    A few notes about the festival. No pets are allowed, you may not bring outside food or beverage into the village and all weapons must be tied in a sheath at all times.
  43. Excalibur Brothers has added several new knives including some from master knife makers Gil Hibben and Kit Rae.

    Throwing knife enthusiasts will be really excited as there are 9 new throwing knife sets available. We are excited to announce that Kit Rae not only has a new fantasy knife but being a throwing knife enthusiast for years he has finally ventured into the throwing knife sector with 3 new knife designs and a throwing axe.

    You'll also want to check out the new 12 piece set from Master Cutlery that includes a target board to perfect your knife throwing skills.

    With big game hunting season upon us it's a good time to buy or replace your hunting knife. Gil Hibben has released a limited edition Damascus steel version of the Eclipse Bowie Knife. I wonder if using it to gut a deer would increase or decrease the collectible value of this knife. There are only 1000 pieces of this design available worldwide. It's a great Christmas gift idea for the hunter and knife collector too.
  44. Hi I'm Lawrence Piper the owner of Excalibur Brothers.

    It's Halloween time, my favorite time of year. Not only because you get to dress up in costume and be someone else. Not only because there is always candy, parties and plenty of festivites. But also because it's my birthday on Halloween.

    Perhaps you've seen this picture on the home page. This was me a couple of years ago. I used a normal Knight's costume found during Halloween season at one of the specialty costume stores that pop up. But I added one of the 22-9900 Medieval Knight's Helmets, a chainmail coif that has since been discontinued and a 20-9064OL Braveheart Medieval Sword.

    This Halloween is even more special because this is my 50th birthday and being a true Hobbit and LOTR fan I want to give everyone who comes to my birthday party a small present in true hobbit fashion. That's right if you buy something now through Halloween October 31, 2012 you will an additional surprise item included with your order automatically. If you spend more than $199 and your order is shipped in the lower 48 states you get free ground shipping as well.

    So stop on in, look around, you're sure to find something for your Halloween costume and it's not too early to start thinking about Christmas presents for the knife, sword and medieval enthusiast in your life.

    Happy Halloween
  45. The final weekend of the Minnesota Renaissance Festival begins today Friday Sept 28, 2012 and end this Sunday September 30, 2012. The festival is open from 9AM to 7PM Rain or Shine.

    There will be 16 stages of live entertainment, over 250 artisans and crafters and Live Armored Jousting. The Joust is held 3 times daily at 11AM, 1PM and 4PM.

    The final weekend's theme is Shamrocks & Shenanigans where the realm will be celebrating all things Irish. Admission is only $18.95 for teens and adults and $10.50 for children ages 5-12.

    Check out this YouTube video from the Jousting Event earlier this year.

    The website does not list a weapons policy on their FAQS page so make sure to check with them before including them as part of your costume. There is a costume contest each morning at 9AM near the main gate and first price is free admission to the faire that day.
  46. The 8th Annual Fishers Renaissance Faire is being held this weekend September 29-30, 2012.

    Admission is only $10 for teens and adults at the gate and you can save $2.00 if you order in advance online. But today is the last day advance tickets will be available. If you don't get them today you will be paying full price at the gate.

    While there are many shows to chose from one of the main events of the faire is the full contact jousting that takes place every year. This year there will even be two contestents from the History Channel show "Full Metal Jousting" as well as the host of the show Shane Adams.

    Last year's 2011 Faire was even featured on a PBS program. Check it out.

    If you plan to bring weapons such as swords, knives and axes they must be sheathed and peace tied for safety. If you are caught removing the weapons you will be asked to leave. Bows are also allow but you may not bring real arrows and under no circumstances are real firearms allowed.

    If you need a weapon for your costume make sure to check out the swords, knives and battle axes categories of our site. 
  47. Excalibur Brothers is pleased to announce that they are adding the Alchemy Empire & Metalware collections to their selection of medieval and Gothic items from Alchemy of England. Known for unique and innovative alternative lifestyle designs Alchemy items are made from fine English pewter with cutting edge designs from some of the UK's finest alternative lifestyle artists.

    Steampunk Fans may already be familiar with some of their existing line. The new release promise to be just as fasinating and intricate. We have added several items to the website both in the appropriate categories and the New Arrivals page. Keep a close watch over the next several days as we have approximately 200 new products to add.

     The Miasmatic Reactor Core Cufflinks are just one of our latest additions that is sure to excite Steampunk fans. With Halloween and the other holidays just around the corner you can display your uniqueness even in the most festive and formal of settings.
  48. The Kansas City Renaissance Festival is in full swing once again boasting a 36 year run. The festival which began September 1st, 2012 is open Saturdays & Sundays through October 14 plus Columbus Day Friday October 12.

    Every weekend has a special theme and this weekend is the 6th annual Pet Festival featuring Page the Elephant. There will be a dog show, pet costume contest as well as pet vendors and rescue groups. Other events include a Men in Tights competition, Master/Pet Look-alike contest and a Hot "Dog" eating contest.

    Teen & Adult tickets can be purchased at the gate for $19.95 and children 5-12 are only $10.95. If you purchase tickets online in advance they are $16.95 & $9.45 respectively. Students & Seniors are only $17.50 regardless of when purchased.

    Also this weekend if you bring 5 cans of food for the Harvester's Food Network and receive $5.00 off admission at the gate.

    Check out this YouTube video of this years Jousting Event.

    According to website swords, knives & weapons are strictly prohibited from being part of your costume so make sure you come unarmed. 
  49. The much coveted Thaisuki Nihonto KTN4 Kumori Katana and KTN5 Sokueto Hondachi Katana are now back in stock for a limited time. After filling all backorders thare are 6 (six) of the KTN4 and 9 (nine) of the KTN5 swords available.

    These swords almost always go as quickly as we can get them. Most likely they will be gone by the end of September but they may even go faster. If you've been waiting for these top quality hand crafted Japanese Katana now is the time to order.

    We only get 3 to 4 shipments per year and they always sell out quick. This is one item that demands always exceeds supply.

    Excalibur Brothers also offers a wide variety of other brand name funtional and display swords to fit the budget of almost any sword and knife collector.
  50. The New York Renaissance Faire is celebrating it's 35th anniversary this year. The faire operates every Saturday and Sunday from August 4th until September 23, 2012 from 10AM to 7PM rain or shine.

    You'll enjoy a variety of entertainment from musical groups & acrobats to magicians and pirates. Admission at the gate is $22 for teens and adults and $11 for children ages 5-12. Adults can save $2 and children $1 per day if you purchase your tickets online at the ren faire's website.

    This Saturday September 8th is even more special as it is the 3rd Annual ASL Day. The faire will have American Sign Language interpreters available at 6 different stages to translate the happenings to those with hearing problems.

    You can even make plans to get married at the ren faire. Check out this YouTube video of one of the 2011 wedding ceremonies.

    Don't forget if you use swords and knives as part of your Ren Faire costume make sure they are peace tied for safety. If you need a sword to give your costume that authentic finishing touch be sure to check out Excalibur Brother's medieval sword replicas here:

    You can also find some tournament ready blunt sword by Tinker & CAS Hanwei on our funtional medieval sword page here:
  51. The 2012 Michigan Renaissance Festival is in full swing again in Holly, Michigan. The faire is running every weekend through September 30, 2012 plus Friday September 14, 2012.

    There are different theme's every weekend. This Labor Day weekend's theme was High Seas Adventure and next weekend's theme is Wonders of The World.

    Check out this YouTube video from this years opening weekend.
  52. Excalibur Brothers is honoring all the hard work and effort that goes into producing the various Renaissance Faires and Medieval Festivals by declaring August as Ren Faire Month.

    To celebrate the event and to honor all the hard workers and dedicated visitors Excalibur Brothers is offering 10% off all orders (excluding shipping charges) the entire month of August, 2012.

    For those in the western part of the United States the San Jose Renaissance Faire is this weekend August 4th & 5th, 2012. Hours are 10AM to 6PM Saturday and 10AM to 5PM on Sunday. Admission is just $18 for adults, $13 for teens 13-17 and those 62 years of age and over. Children ages 6 to 12 are only $8 and children under 6 years of age are free.

    Check out this YouTube video promoting this year's event:

  53. Excalibur Brothers has just expanded it selection of Alchemy of England products. In addition to the pendants, goblets, chalices and home decor items that Excalibur Brothers has been offering for the last several years they are now offering the complete line of Alchemy of England products.

    Medieval rings, belt buckles, bracelets, hand bags, wallets, hair accessories and more are now available in the Apparel & Decor section of the website.

    Click Here to check it out.
  54. Once again an organization has been forced to cancel a renaissance festival due to lack of sponsorship.

    This time it was the 2nd Annual Missouri Renaissance Festival scheduled for next weekend July 20-21, 2012 at Morse Park in Neosho, Missouri.

    We are very disappointed to hear of the demise of such a young event and hope this is not a continuing trend. We love the various renaissance festivals and medieval faires around the country and look forward to exploring them further as time goes on.

    We wanted to bring this to your attention in case you had plans to attend and had not heard of the events demise.
  55. Unfortunately the Grand Canyon Renaissance Faire in Williams Arizona that was scheduled for Jun 29 - July 3, 2012 has been rescheduled until next year 2013. Actual dates have not been announced.

    If you had plans to attend the event the event coordinators sincerely apologize for any inconvenience. While they were looking forward to a wonderful event this year certain circumstances would have compromised the quality of the event and the decision was made to postpone for a year.

    For more detail check out their website
  56. Do you live in Northern California?
    Is your Dad a medieval entusiast? 
    Looking for the perfect last minute Father's Day gift?
    Check out the Northern California Pirate Festival at the Vallejo Waterfront in Vallejo California.

    The 6th annual event is taking place this Father's Day weekend June 16th & 17th, 2012 and best of all it's FREE admission. That's a rare occurence in the world of pirate, medieval and renaissance festivals.

    Check out this YouTube video from last years event.

    The website doesn't state a weapons policy so make sure to check with the event coordinators before including any pirate swords or knives as part of your costume.
  57. I just found out about an interesting festival here in Michigan. We have a town called Bad Axe in the "Thumb" area of our state. It appears they have an event called The Bad Axe Hatchet Festival.

    The event started yesterday Friday June 8th and runs until tomorrow Sunday June 10th. For a complete list of the weekends event click here.

    Have a safe and fun weekend.

  58. The 36th Annual Colorado Renaissance Festival begins this weekend June 9, 2012 and runs every Saturday and Sunday from 10AM to 6:30PM, rain or shine, until July 29, 2012.

    Adult admission is $18.95 at the gate and Children 5-12 are only $8.00 (Children under 5 are free). You can also order online and save $3.00 and $1.00 respectively on adult and childrens tickets. The only drawback is the tickets are mailed rather than downloadable.

    Check out this YouTube video of the Jousting Tournament taken during the 2011 event.

    Don't forget to check out our medieval swords section for a full selection of replica and tournament ready swords.
  59. The Gasparilla Pirate Festival is set to begin again this weekend in Tampa Florida. 
    A pirate invasion is planned in Tampa Bay, A Parade of Pirates through the streets, and a Pirate Street Festival all free to the public.
    Check out this YouTube video about the event.
    Come on out and have some fun.  However, a quick check of the website could not verify if swords and knives as part of your costume are allowed so please check with event coordinators first.
  60. I'd like to wish everyone a Happy Independence Day this 4th of July. Hope you have a safe and fun filled day. Excalibur Brother's is running an Independence Day sale on their swords and knives. Get 15% off all orders over $50. Here's a quick little YouTube video of the finale of the Fireworks Show last night in Jenks Sooner, OK. Looking forward to our local ones tonight.
  61. Check out this video from The Brandon Patch about the 2011 Bay Area Renaissance Festival. Fun for all.

    If you need a medieval sword for the festival check out the huge selection here at Excalibur Brothers.