How to Take Care of Glasses: Best Practices

For those who need it, glasses are an important – some might even say vital – part of people’s lives. However, for how useful glasses are, they are quite delicate and should be treated with care.

That is why it is very important to know about the best practices on how to take care of glasses. If someone follows these practices, they will be able to keep their glasses safe and functioning for as long as possible.

Let’s delve into several practices that you can follow better care for your glasses.

How to Take Care of Glasses - Best Practices to Follow

Why the Need to Take Care of Glasses

Before learning about the best ways to take care of one’s eyeglasses, it is doubly important to learn about why it is important to take care of glasses in the first place.

So, how important is it to take care of glasses? Take a moment to think about this question. Think about how many different activities people do that require them to wear their glasses.

People might drive using the glasses’ prescription, or go out into natural light wearing them. Anytime anyone needs to see clearly and properly, they must wear their glasses. For how often and how many uses people put on their glasses, they need to take just as much care in keeping those lenses clean and scratch-free.

In addition to how useful those prescriptions are for how often people wear them, how long could your lenses last if they were not taken care of properly?

The Best Practices on How to Take Care of Glasses

So how can we take better care of our glasses and prolong the life of these lens tools? Here are several practices that can act as the foundation of how to take care of your glasses.

The Best Practices on How to Take Care of Glasses

The Right Storage

Let’s start with storing the lenses. Barring any scuffles or other scenarios where the glasses can be knocked of one’s face, eyeglasses are the safest when people are wearing them.

Unfortunately, glasses can’t be worn all the time. Inevitably, people have to take them off for things like bathing, rigorous physical activities, and sleeping. When these moments happen, the best thing to do is store the glasses in a secure area and location.

This doesn’t mean just leaving them out in the open, like on a table. The risk of damaging eyeglasses is still high. Instead, it is best to keep them in a leather case when they are not being worn.

When kept in this way, the lenses will be free from any dust or outside elements. No dirt or other contamination will get into the optics and damage them. Furthermore, when someone puts on their glasses, they will not have to worry about any dirt or other pollutants that got into the lenses when not wearing them.


Daily Cleaning and Maintenance

We all know how dirty eyeglasses can get after a long day of wear, but how often are these lenses being cleaned? For how useful these prescriptions are, it is imperative that one cleans their glasses daily after taking them off.

This way, no particle of dust or dirt takes up residence on the lenses. These could lead to significant damage over time.

Many glasses owners have a microfiber cloth that helps wipe off dust and streaks from glasses. However, this isn’t enough.

In order to properly clean glasses, owners should rinse them off with warm water. Avoid using hot water as this may strip away any protective coating on the lenses. Use a simple dishwashing liquid without any lotion to enhance the cleaning process.

Afterwards, use your lint-free microfiber polishing cloth to dry it off. Be sure to do this often to maintain the integrity and cleanliness of the glasses.

Good Glasses-Wearing Habits

One of the best tips on how to take care of glasses lies in the everyday process of wearing them. Cultivating good habits when wearing glasses goes a long way in caring for them. Failure to exercise these wearing habits may negatively affect the alignment and fit of your glasses frames.

The first guideline for wearing glasses correctly is in using both hands to wear and remove them. Doing this guides the alignment of the frame and encourages the proper form to stay over time.

In addition, another glasses-wearing definite don’t is a common thing that people do: it is placing the eyeglasses on the head. The head area is quite wide and can deform the frame.

The final habit we want to tackle is pushing the nose piece of the glasses. While wearing glasses, they will most likely slide down a person’s face. When this happens, people need to refrain from pushing on the nose piece to put it back in place.

Pushing on the nose piece can play a part in distorting the nose area, thereby ruining the general fit of the glasses.

A Clear Future For Your Glasses

Taking care of how to take care of glasses is important for how useful these prescriptions are in people’s lives. Even though they might seem like ordinary items because of their daily use, it is crucial to take care of them properly in order make them last as long as possible.

We hope that these practices on how to take care of glasses will help keep your glasses operable and well-fitting for the long run. Remember, a clear future for your glasses is a clearer future for you.

Living with Imperfection

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