Katana Swords: Important Parts You Need to Know


The Japanese Katana swords are some of the most popular and well known swords in history. It’s easy to see why, because they’re beautiful works of art that can be used as weapons or displays for your home. More than that, several television shows and films have utilized this iconic weapon, elevating its status further to reverence for many. It … Read More

Chinese Swords: Everything You Need to Know

Chinese Swords

Chinese swords are beautiful and elegant weapons. While many sword enthusiasts would collect such a sword for decorative purposes, that is not the sole case. Like with many swords, practicing Chinese sword fighting is an art form that has been around for centuries. These swords are one of the most popular types in the world. They come in many different … Read More

Pros and Cons of Customizing Your Sword


Sword customization is the act of changing the design, look, material or overall appearance of an existing sword. Customizing your sword can be a great way to express yourself and make it uniquely yours. It is also a fun and creative way to add personality while still maintaining the functionality of what you need. If done correctly, the customization can … Read More

Sword Maintenance 101: Basic Sword Care Tips Owners Should Know


A sword is a piece of art, history, and culture. It is also a great tool for exercise and physical activity if you are taking the time to practice with it. Just like any other valuable possession, it needs to be cared for in order to preserve its value. You wouldn’t drive your car without oil or water would you? … Read More

Important Things to Consider When Sharpening a Sword

Why is it Important to Sharpen a Sword?

To have a sword become dull is an unfortunate event for any sword owner. When a sword is sharpened poorly, it may not only cause damage to the sword but could also injure the person who is trying to sharpen it. This is why it is important to always keep your swords sharp. Before attempting to sharpen your sword though, … Read More

What You Need To Know About the Authentic Katanas Sold On the Market


A katana is a Japanese sword that has been in use for over 2000 years. These swords have been used by samurai warriors throughout Japan’s history, and they are recognized as the symbol of the samurai. The authentic blades sold on the market today vary in quality, but there are several things that you need to know before buying one. … Read More

Buying a Real Katana: A Comprehensive Guide

Real Katana

It can be a daunting task to find the perfect sword for your needs. The best way to buy a katana is to educate yourself about them, their history, the materials used to make them, and their market before you start shopping. This article will help guide you through the process of making such an important purchase. Read along this … Read More

Best Katana Samurai Swords of 2021

katana samurai swords

Katana samurai swords are an item that many people collect. It has grown in the public’s popular psyche due to the various movies and television shows depicting samurais. Collecting katanas or samurai swords will not only make great decorative pieces to a home, but also help the buyer keep in mind the values of the samurai. The best katana samurai … Read More

The Japanese Wakizashi: A Closer Look

Japanese Wakizashi

The Wakizashi entered into Japanese history around the 15th or 16th century. The Tokugawa shogunate during the Edo Period decreed that samurai were required to wear the daisho. Interestingly enough though, the Wakizashi was not an exclusive blade. Common folk and merchants were found wearing wakizashis due to the thread of bandits in the region.

The Legendary Japanese Tanto: Everything You Need to Know

Japanese Tanto

Samurais have captured the imagination of people the world over due to the romantic pop culture depictions in comics, TV shows, and movies. One could say it would be the honor that they live by. Others would point to their discipline. In truth, there are many things about samurais that catch the people’s imagination and attention. For now, we’ll look at the weapons of the samurai, specifically the tanto.

Independence Day Sale

This Friday July 4, 2014 we celebrate the 238th anniversary of The Declaration of Independence. Although it took several more years to win the Revolutionary War and have our independence recognized by the English government we celebrate the day the document was signed and passed by the Continental Congress. Our union was originally formed under the Articles of Confederation which … Read More

2014 Bay Area Renaissance Festival – Tampa FL

The 2014 Bay Area Renaissance Festival is in full swing at MOSI (Museum of Science & Industry) in Tampa, FL. This is the festival’s 22nd year and once again each weekend has a different theme. The festival started on February 22 and is open 10AM to 6PM every Saturday and Sunday through April 6, 2014 plus Friday April 4, 2014. Since St. … Read More