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Fantasy Battle Axes | Bladed Weapons

Here's a truly medieval selection of battle axes. Excalibur Brothers offers a variety of battle axes and fantasy axes to accent or start your collection. Although our battle axes and fantasy axes make great medieval home decor or office decor these are not toys!!!.
If you have young children we highly recommend you mount them well out of their reach. We recognize the potentially dangerous nature of battle axes and fantasy axes and ask you take the necessary precautions as well.

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AirCobra Throwing Axe (SKU: KR0055)
Authentic Medieval Battle Axe with Studded Wood Handle (SKU: 25-2439)
Boker Plus - Vox T-Hawk (SKU: 09BO100)
Cold Steel - Axe Gang - Hatchet Trainer (SKU: 92BKAXG)
Double Blade Fantasy Battle Axe (SKU: HK-079A)
Double Blade Medieval Axe (SKU: 20-882442)
Double Bladed Carbon Steel Medieval Warrior Axe (SKU: 20-882443)
Gil Hibben Generation 2 Pro Thrower Axe (SKU: GH2013)
Gil Hibben Pro Thrower Axe (SKU: GH0866)
M-Tech - Stainless Steel Camping Axe (SKU: 20-MTAXE)
M48 Apocalypse Tactical Tomahawk (SKU: UC2946)
M48 Ranger Hawk Axe with Compass (SKU: UC2836)
M48 Tactical Hawk Tomahawk (SKU: UC2765)
Mace of Azog The Defiler (SKU: UC3015)
Tomahawk Peace Pipe - 19 Inches with Wood Handle (SKU: 25-0742)
Viking Battle Axe - 27 Inches (SKU: 882440)
Wes Hibben Throwing Axe with Sheath (SKU: WH100)

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