Crested Roman Officers Helmet


  • This Imperial Gallic-Type helmet was the choice of officers who led the mighty roman armies.
  • The flamboyant crest actually served a purpose for the conspicuously practical romans.
  • It made the officer more visible to his men while offering the illusion of height that helped him appear more commanding.
  • Fully wearable, this is a substantial all-steel Helmet.
  • Not a cheap tourist copy but a faithful museum quality Helmet.
  • It is a full size reproduction in a bright carbon steel finish.
  • This helmet does require maintenance to prevent rust accumulation.
  • A fabulous display item!
  • It is full size and wearable!
  • Awesome Finishing Touch To Your Roman Officer’s Halloween Costume.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Not all helmets have crests that attach the same way as in picture.
  • Some crests will have metal tabs that need to be bent out to tuck into slip fitting on helmet.
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