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  • The best of the world’s sword fighters have known a simple truth for ages… if you want to become a reasonably good sword fighter you should endeavor to learn sword fighting techniques, footwork and the basic stances.
  • However if you want to be a master at sword fighting you have to eventually start fighting with a “live blade”.
  • If your ultimate goal is to wield a razor sharp sword safely and effectively, you need to train with a sword that approximates the size, feel and heft of a live blade, yet minimizes the possibility of causing grievous, permanent, or life-threatening injury to yourself or your training partner.
  • This concept was implemented by the ancient Romans, who used dull wooden swords to train their Gladiators and soldiers.
  • Japanese Samurai used a wooden training sword that was called a Bokken.
  • It’s an elegant solution to a vexing problem and effective enough to still be used today.
  • The only problem is that a wooden sword can rot, crack, chip or splinter and eventually become useless.
  • Cold Steel’s solution to these dilemmas was to design a synthetic substitute, low in price and impervious to the elements.
  • The Cold Steel line of Training Swords are made of the heaviest grade polypropylene available and closely duplicate a real sword in length, size, weight and feel.
  • While they’re not quite as rigid as wood, they have the winning advantages of being virtually unbreakable, remarkably stiff and cut resistant.
  • Specs:
    • Blade Length: 32 1/4″
    • Overall Length: 39 1/2″
    • Material: Polypropylene
    • Weight: 29.3 oz
    • Handle Length: 12 1/2″
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