Cold Steel – 1908 British Cavalry Saber


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  • What makes the ideal cavalry saber?
  • In the charge you need a narrow, stiff blade with a sharp point to impale your enemies.
  • In the melee, on an immobile horse, you need a wide, curved, semi flexible blade for cutting and slashing.
  • The British pondered this dilemma and in 1908, settled on a saber that favored the thrust.
  • It had a narrow 35″ long blade, a thick cross section and a sharp point. vTo protect the hand, wrist, and forearm, it had a superb bowl shaped guard and a grip that automatically brought the point “in line” for the perfect thrust.
  • It was easy to carry too, as its scabbard had two rings for suspending it from the saddle or attaching it to a belt or baldric.
  • It was issued throughout the British Empire and it is still used, with minor changes, even today.
  • Cold Steel’s President, Lynn C. Thompson, became quite enamored with this saber after fencing extensively with it for many years and has brought fourth Cold Steel’s interpretation of this extraordinary weapon.
  • It’s modeled on the original lines, with just a marginally lighter gauge steel on the bowl guard (improving balance and handling) and a more durable black plastic grip.
  • In tests, this saber has proven ideal for ground combat (it can be fenced like a rapier) as well as in the saddle and can deliver a frightfully effective cut as well as a lethal thrust.
  • Specs:
    • Blade Length:  35″
    • Overall Length:  42″ vSteel Type:  1055 Carbon
    • Weight:  40.7 oz
    • Handle:  7″
    • Scabbard:  Steel Scabbard
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