Battle Gim


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  • While researching traditional Chinese weapons near Shanghai, we visited a distinguished collector who had an ancient Wu Jian, or battle Gim.
  • Its appearance and martial spirit were so unique and impressive that it warranted being reproduced for Cold Steel’s customers.
  • The Battle Gim is forged from our best DAMASCUS STEEL by talented smiths, it features a broad symmetrical point and a slightly wider, heavier blade than custom would dictate.
  • This gives it a more pronounced blade-heavy balance making its twin razor-sharp edges slightly more suitable for cutting and slashing than thrusting.
  • The attractive Rosewood hilt is framedby a blackened iron guard and pommel.
  • They’re embellished with an intricate filigree of traditional Chinese Peony flowers and leaves.
  • The matching Rosewood scabbard is styled in a similar fashion on its chape, throat and ring mounts.
  • Radiantly polished and sharp, this is not only a vividly striking Gim, but one that you can stake your life on in battle.
  • Specs:
    • Blade Length:  30″
    • Overall Length:  37″
    • Steel:  Damascus
    • Weight:  39 oz
    • Handle:  7″
    • Scabbard:  Rosewood Scabbard With Blackened Iron Fittings
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