New Throwing Knife Targets

Excalibur Brothers is please to present free throwing knife targets. They are produced by Master Cutlery and are available to download for absolutely no charge.

After going to the Throwing Knife Targets page you can simply right-click on the target or targets you want and save them to your computer. Then you can print them over and over again as often as you like.

Mount them on a surface that will easily allow the throwing knives to stick such as a cork board, dart board or piece of drywall and you can practice by yourself or have a competition with your friends.

Excalibur Brothers does not recommend mounting them on a piece of hard wood, particle board or plywood as these surfaces have a tendency to be extremely difficult for the throwing knives to penetrate and if the throw doesn’t hit these hard surfaces correct may cause the throwing knife to break, be damaged or may even cause injury to the thrower or spectators if it bounces off wildly.

Throwing knives are gaining in popularity and if you’ve never used them a throwing knife guide is available written by throwing knife creator Gil Hibben. You can order the book by itself or the guide is included free of charge with any of the Gil Hibben brand of throwing knives (limit 1 guide per order).

We hope you enjoy these free targets and the hours of entertainment provided while practicing the sport and art of knife throwing.