Great Plains Renaissance Festiva – Wichita, KS

The 2013 Great Plains Renaissance Festival is set for this weekend, Saturday September 21 & Sunday September 22, in Sedgewich Park, Wichita, Kansas.

There will be a Cosplay Costume Contest, pirates, fairies and knights. You’ll also see firebreathers, jugglers, musicians and dancers from across the realm. There will also be plenty of medieval food and artisan crafts at the vendors.

Make sure to check out the Jousting demostration by Jousting Evolution.

Here’s a YouTube video from last year’s event.

The FAQS page states that weapons are allowed as long as they are peace-tied to prevent the weapon from being drawn. Here’s the quote from the website.

Make sure that your blade is properly bound so as not to be drawn by anyone else. You may not draw your blades or medieval replica weapons at the festival. Exposed blades and weaponry are expressly forbidden. Violators will be asked to place their blades/replica weapons in their vehicle or will be expelled without refund at the discretion of the festival staff.

Admission this year is only $11 for adults and $5 for children under 12. You can also save up to $7.50 if you purchase your tickets online.