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Cold Steel Man At Arms Collection

The Man at Arms was a warrior, pure and simple. A stalwart and dependable fighter who exhibited great martial prowess with a range of weapons. He was a capable and competent warrior who was the veteran of many conflicts and was often first into the fray.

Although he was not a Knight, he fought and trained alongside them as a brother in arms. To honor these rugged, reliable, salt-of-the-earth warriors Cold Steel has created a range of true journeyman’s weapons called the Man at Arms Collection.

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Cold Steel - Two Handed Great Sword (SKU: 88WGSM)Cold Steel - Two Handed Great Sword (SKU: 88WGSM)
Man At Arms Grosse Messer (SKU: 88GMSM)Man At Arms Grosse Messer (SKU: 88GMSM)

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