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Boker Knives

The famous knives with the tree-brand are manufactured in the German blade-city since 1869. Since then, no knife left our production without this sign of quality. The history of Boker has been affected by eventful times, but two things remained: our passion and enthusiasm for extraordinary knives.

Today Boker is renowned all over the word as manufacturer and supplier of an unmatched variety of blade and handle materials and biggest manufacturer in Europe for Sport Knives, Tactical Knives and Collector's knives.

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Boker Camp Knife Evergreen (SKU: 110185OL)Boker Camp Knife Evergreen (SKU: 110185OL)
Boker Magnum - Air Force Rescue (SKU: 01LL473)Boker Magnum - Air Force Rescue (SKU: 01LL473)
Boker Magnum - EMS Rescue (SKU: 01LL472)Boker Magnum - EMS Rescue (SKU: 01LL472)
Boker Magnum - Fire Ant (SKU: 01RY409)Boker Magnum - Fire Ant (SKU: 01RY409)
Boker Magnum - Fire Fighter (SKU: 01LL470)Boker Magnum - Fire Fighter (SKU: 01LL470)
Boker Magnum - Law Enforcement (SKU: 01MB365)Boker Magnum - Law Enforcement (SKU: 01MB365)
Boker Magnum - Sergeant (SKU: 01SC154)Boker Magnum - Sergeant (SKU: 01SC154)
Boker Plus - Anti Grav (SKU: 01BO036)Boker Plus - Anti Grav (SKU: 01BO036)
Boker Plus - Anti MC (SKU: 01BO035)Boker Plus - Anti MC (SKU: 01BO035)
Boker Plus - Armed Forces Folder II (SKU: 01BO114)Boker Plus - Armed Forces Folder II (SKU: 01BO114)
Boker Plus - Baby Bat (SKU: 01BO431)Boker Plus - Baby Bat (SKU: 01BO431)
Boker Plus - Bat Knife (SKU: 01BO430)Boker Plus - Bat Knife (SKU: 01BO430)
Boker Plus - Carbon (SKU: 01BO026)Boker Plus - Carbon (SKU: 01BO026)
Boker Plus - CBL Direkt (SKU: 01BO570)Boker Plus - CBL Direkt (SKU: 01BO570)
Boker Plus - CLB Compliance (SKU: 01BO535)Boker Plus - CLB Compliance (SKU: 01BO535)
Boker Plus - CLB Subcom F Black Serrated (SKU: 01BO586)Boker Plus - CLB Subcom F Black Serrated (SKU: 01BO586)
Boker Plus - CLB Wharcom (SKU: 01BO588)Boker Plus - CLB Wharcom (SKU: 01BO588)
Boker Plus - Elegance (SKU: 01BO027)Boker Plus - Elegance (SKU: 01BO027)
Boker Plus - Exskelibur I Red Maple (SKU: 01BO014)Boker Plus - Exskelibur I Red Maple (SKU: 01BO014)
Boker Plus - Exskelibur II Red Maple (SKU: 01BO015)Boker Plus - Exskelibur II Red Maple (SKU: 01BO015)
Boker Plus - Ginger Fighter (SKU: 02BO600)Boker Plus - Ginger Fighter (SKU: 02BO600)
Boker Plus - Gnome Olive (SKU: 02BO238)Boker Plus - Gnome Olive (SKU: 02BO238)
Boker Plus - JC1 (SKU: 01BO534)Boker Plus - JC1 (SKU: 01BO534)
Boker Plus - Justice is Done CLB Hyper Folder (SKU: 01BO551S)Boker Plus - Justice is Done CLB Hyper Folder (SKU: 01BO551S)
Boker Plus - KAL 10 S (SKU: 01KAL10S)Boker Plus - KAL 10 S (SKU: 01KAL10S)
Boker Plus - KAL 10 T (SKU: 01KAL10T)Boker Plus - KAL 10 T (SKU: 01KAL10T)
Boker Plus - KAL 11 Folder (SKU: 01KAL11)Boker Plus - KAL 11 Folder (SKU: 01KAL11)
Boker Plus - MTT (SKU: 02BO274)Boker Plus - MTT (SKU: 02BO274)
Boker Plus - Nopal (SKU: 01BO180)Boker Plus - Nopal (SKU: 01BO180)
Boker Plus - Rambler (SKU: 02BO182)Boker Plus - Rambler (SKU: 02BO182)
Boker Plus - RBB Urban Survival (SKU: 01BO047)Boker Plus - RBB Urban Survival (SKU: 01BO047)
Boker Plus - Sanyougo Green (SKU: 03BO051)Boker Plus - Sanyougo Green (SKU: 03BO051)
Boker Plus - Sanyougo White (SKU: 03BO052)Boker Plus - Sanyougo White (SKU: 03BO052)
Boker Plus - Subcom 42 Pink (SKU: 01BO593)Boker Plus - Subcom 42 Pink (SKU: 01BO593)
Boker Plus - Subcom 42 Titan (SKU: 01BO592)Boker Plus - Subcom 42 Titan (SKU: 01BO592)
Boker Plus - Subcom Folder (SKU: 01BO589)Boker Plus - Subcom Folder (SKU: 01BO589)
Boker Plus - Titanium Blues (SKU: 01BO025)Boker Plus - Titanium Blues (SKU: 01BO025)
Boker Plus - Tunnel Rat (SKU: 02BO700)Boker Plus - Tunnel Rat (SKU: 02BO700)
Boker Plus - Vox T-Hawk (SKU: 09BO100)Boker Plus - Vox T-Hawk (SKU: 09BO100)
Boker Plus - Whale (SKU: 01BO620)Boker Plus - Whale (SKU: 01BO620)
Boker Plus 2012 Collection Hunting Knife (SKU: 02BO2012)Boker Plus 2012 Collection Hunting Knife (SKU: 02BO2012)
Boker Plus Cera-Tac (SKU: 01BO037)Boker Plus Cera-Tac (SKU: 01BO037)
Boker Plus Ceramic Gamma (SKU: 01BO088)Boker Plus Ceramic Gamma (SKU: 01BO088)
Boker Plus Magyer (SKU: 02BO281)Boker Plus Magyer (SKU: 02BO281)
Boker Plus Mega Mini (SKU: 02BO258)Boker Plus Mega Mini (SKU: 02BO258)
Boker Plus Newton Martin K-BIT (SKU: 02BO030)Boker Plus Newton Martin K-BIT (SKU: 02BO030)
Boker Plus Nippon Necker (SKU: 02BO276)Boker Plus Nippon Necker (SKU: 02BO276)
Boker Plus Titan Drop (SKU: 01BO188)Boker Plus Titan Drop (SKU: 01BO188)
Boker Solingen - 2010 Annual Damascus - Canoe - Limited Edition (SKU: 112010DAM)Boker Solingen - 2010 Annual Damascus - Canoe - Limited Edition (SKU: 112010DAM)
Boker Solingen - Anso 67 (SKU: 110620)Boker Solingen - Anso 67 (SKU: 110620)
Boker Solingen - Appelgate A-F 5.5 (SKU: 120545)Boker Solingen - Appelgate A-F 5.5 (SKU: 120545)
Boker Solingen - Applegate Besh Wedge (SKU: 120542)Boker Solingen - Applegate Besh Wedge (SKU: 120542)
Boker Solingen - Beer Barrel Canoe (SKU: 110200BBL)Boker Solingen - Beer Barrel Canoe (SKU: 110200BBL)
Boker Solingen - Beer Barrel Congress (SKU: 115464BBL)Boker Solingen - Beer Barrel Congress (SKU: 115464BBL)
Boker Solingen - Beer Barrel Copperhead (SKU: 112626BBL)Boker Solingen - Beer Barrel Copperhead (SKU: 112626BBL)
Boker Solingen - Beer Barrel Stockman (SKU: 117474BBL)Boker Solingen - Beer Barrel Stockman (SKU: 117474BBL)
Boker Solingen - Beer Barrel Trapper (SKU: 112525BBL)Boker Solingen - Beer Barrel Trapper (SKU: 112525BBL)
Boker Solingen - Bender (SKU: 120622)Boker Solingen - Bender (SKU: 120622)
Boker Solingen - Haddock Damascus (SKU: 110617DAM)Boker Solingen - Haddock Damascus (SKU: 110617DAM)
Boker Solingen - Haddock DLC (SKU: 110617DLC)Boker Solingen - Haddock DLC (SKU: 110617DLC)
Boker Solingen - Integral II Micarta (SKU: 120541M)Boker Solingen - Integral II Micarta (SKU: 120541M)
Boker Solingen - Mammut I (SKU: 110146)Boker Solingen - Mammut I (SKU: 110146)
Boker Solingen - Mammut II (SKU: 111009)Boker Solingen - Mammut II (SKU: 111009)
Boker Solingen - Merlin (SKU: 110621)Boker Solingen - Merlin (SKU: 110621)
Boker Solingen - Mokume Damascus (SKU: 110144DAM)Boker Solingen - Mokume Damascus (SKU: 110144DAM)
Boker Solingen - Orca Outdoor Gen 2 (SKU: 120595)Boker Solingen - Orca Outdoor Gen 2 (SKU: 120595)
Boker Solingen - Vollintegal w/Micarta (SKU: 120585M)Boker Solingen - Vollintegal w/Micarta (SKU: 120585M)
Boker Solingen Leopard Damascus Boot Knife (SKU: 120515DAM)Boker Solingen Leopard Damascus Boot Knife (SKU: 120515DAM)
Boker Solingen Leopard Damascus III Collection (SKU: 110139DAM)Boker Solingen Leopard Damascus III Collection (SKU: 110139DAM)
Boker Solingen Pry-Mate (SKU: 120614)Boker Solingen Pry-Mate (SKU: 120614)
Boker Solingen Special Run Cox Damascus (SKU: 110618DAM)Boker Solingen Special Run Cox Damascus (SKU: 110618DAM)
Boker Solingen Special Run Mini Damascus (SKU: 112030DAM)Boker Solingen Special Run Mini Damascus (SKU: 112030DAM)
Kressler Subhilt Fighter (SKU: 02BO190)Kressler Subhilt Fighter (SKU: 02BO190)
Snackpac - Black (SKU: 070800SS)Snackpac - Black (SKU: 070800SS)

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