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Fantasy Swords and Futuristic Weapons

If you love fantasy you'll love these fantasy swords. Cool, unique and sometimes chilling designs to haunt your imagination. A fantasy sword or futuristic sword can even add the finishing touch to your Halloween costume. These will look awesome on your wall and even feel good in your hand just like a real sword of old. Many of the Kit Rae swords also include a fantasy art print as an added bonus.

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Dragon Spike Guardian Sword (SKU: 20-453)Dragon Spike Guardian Sword (SKU: 20-453)
Fighting Knives of Legolas (SKU: UC1372WGNB)Fighting Knives of Legolas (SKU: UC1372WGNB)
Glamdring - Sword of Gandalf (SKU: UC2942)Glamdring - Sword of Gandalf (SKU: UC2942)
Hero Movie: Sword of the Nameless Warrior (SKU: 20-3028)Hero Movie: Sword of the Nameless Warrior (SKU: 20-3028)
Massive 67.5 Inch Odachi Sword (SKU: 20-162)Massive 67.5 Inch Odachi Sword (SKU: 20-162)
Mithrodin Sword by Kit Rae - Non Autographed Edition (SKU: KR0025)Mithrodin Sword by Kit Rae - Non Autographed Edition (SKU: KR0025)
Nazgul Sword - Morgul Blade (SKU: UC2990)Nazgul Sword - Morgul Blade (SKU: UC2990)
Sting - Sword of Bilbo Baggins (SKU: UC2892)Sting - Sword of Bilbo Baggins (SKU: UC2892)
Sword of Fili (SKU: UC2953)Sword of Fili (SKU: UC2953)
Sword of Kili (SKU: UC2952)Sword of Kili (SKU: UC2952)
Sword Set with Dragon Display Plaque (SKU: 20-2008)Sword Set with Dragon Display Plaque (SKU: 20-2008)

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