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Whetstone Knives

Whetstone Knives are good quality, affordable production knives. Whetstone offers a variety of fixed blade and folding knives that are dependable, sturdy, and well designed. If you want a knife you can depend on, these are the knives you are looking for.
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12 in 1 Phillips, Flathead and Socket Pocket (SKU: 75-PS2012)
Assisted Open Rescue Knife - Pink Handcuff (SKU: 25-SP502)
Black and Red Spiderweb Locking Folder (SKU: 25-13534)
Black Arrow Stainless Steel Serrated Blade Knife (SKU: 25-20300)
Boucher Fuchsia Knife folder w/ Rubberized Grip by Whetstone Cutlery (SKU: 25-14974)
Chopper Handle Speed Safe Black Blade Folding Knife (SKU: 25-TD564)
Falcon Stiletto Style Lockblade (SKU: 25-0661)
Happy CamperT Multi-Function 10 in 1 Camping Tool (SKU: 75-5410)
Italian Style Stilleto with Red Pakkawood Handle (SKU: 25-262W)
Matrix Stainless Steel Folding Knife - Silver Finish (SKU: 25-1005S)
Old Style Spanish Folder (SKU: 25-10732)
Police Assisted Open Pocket Knife (SKU: 25-005PO)
Red and Black Assisted Open Folder (SKU: 25-50645)
Red Fire Fighter Pocket Knife (SKU: 25-FIRER)
Resilient Stainless Spring Assisted Folder with G10 Handle (SKU: 25-27545)
Rite Edge 4.5 inch Stainless Steel Pocket Knife (SKU: 25-210740)
Rite Edge Custom Classic 4 inch Pocket Knife (SKU: 25-210761)
River Rat Deluxe Folding Knife with Carabiner (SKU: 00-29X16)
Silver Scorpion Hunter Pocket Knife (SKU: 25-016S)
Silver Spring Assist Stainless Spider Locking Folder (SKU: 25-22445)
Skull Wing Design Folder Pocket Knife (SKU: 25-487)
Space Shuttle Columbia Crew Memorial Knife (SKU: 26-AST1)
Speed-Safe Quick Open Pocket Knife (SKU: 25-TD625)
Spring Assisted Black Blade Stainless Folder (SKU: 25-30045)
Spring Assisted Tactical Pocket Knife - Black (SKU: 25-4180)
Stainless Steel Pruning Utility Knife (SKU: 25-10746)
Stainless Steel Swiss Type Knife (SKU: 00-29X23)
Stealth Black Blade Stainless Folder (SKU: 25-119940)
Sweeney Todd Straight Razor Knife (SKU: 25-10116)
Tactical Rugged Pocket Multi-Tool (SKU: 25-65403)
Tactical Spring Assisted Rescue Folder (SKU: 25-28345)
The Kern - Tactical Stainless Steel Folder by Whetstone Cutlery (SKU: 25-14535)
Tom Anderson Kult Folder - Red (SKU: 25-1949)
Tough Spring Assisted Folder with G10 Handle (SKU: 25-32045)
Whetstone 18 Inch Survival Knife (SKU: 20-1071)
Whetstone Black Forest Full Tang Cherry Pakkawood Knife (SKU: 25-HK6895)
Whetstone Black Widow Folder (SKU: 25-14834)
Whetstone Collector's NAHC Knife (SKU: 25-65885)
Whetstone Cutlery™ Two-sided Sharpening Stone (SKU: 20-10960)
Whetstone Die Cast Oliver Tractor Folding Knife (SKU: 25-FM598)
Whetstone Frontiersman Survival Knife (SKU: 25-87612)
Whetstone Pakkawood Handle Pocket Knife (SKU: 25-41940)
Whetstone Replica British Naval Dagger (SKU: 20-SW1228)
Whetstone Sons of Liberty Silent Eagle Camping Knife (SKU: 25-74698)
Whetstone Survivor Knife w/ Compass (SKU: 25-7655)
Whetstone Survivor Stainless Steel Knife (SKU: 25-7525)
Whetstone TAC Force Speedster Spring Assisted Folder (SKU: 25-624BK)
Woodsman Camouflage Pocket Knife (SKU: 25-14371)
WWII Aircraft Styled Stainless Steel Locking Folder (SKU: 25-09145)

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