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Fantasy Knives

Excalibur Brothers offers a wide variety of fantasy knives, including name brands such as Tom Anderson, Gil Hibben, Fantasy Master, United Cutlery and more. Looking for that unique gift idea for Father's Day, Christmas or that special someone's birthday?

Watch their eyes light up when they open their present and find a superbly crafted fantasy knife. These fantasy knives are made of high quality stainless steel. Fantasy knives make great home and office decor too!

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Fire Dragon Fantasy Knife (Bronze) (SKU: 00-7X93)Fire Dragon Fantasy Knife (Bronze) (SKU: 00-7X93)
Captive Skull Fantasy Dagger (SKU: 20-450)Captive Skull Fantasy Dagger (SKU: 20-450)
Pantera Claw by Tom Anderson Cutlery (SKU: 20-TA57)Pantera Claw by Tom Anderson Cutlery (SKU: 20-TA57)
Iron Reaver Finger Claw-Blackend Silver (SKU: 25-1026MCBK)Iron Reaver Finger Claw-Blackend Silver (SKU: 25-1026MCBK)
Tom Anderson Kult Folder - Red (SKU: 25-1949)Tom Anderson Kult Folder - Red (SKU: 25-1949)
Riddick's Saber Claws - Black (SKU: 25-2069)Riddick's Saber Claws - Black (SKU: 25-2069)
Riddick's Saber Claws - Silver (SKU: 25-2069S)Riddick's Saber Claws - Silver (SKU: 25-2069S)
Fantasy Master Red Fang Viper Dagger (SKU: 25-51621)Fantasy Master Red Fang Viper Dagger (SKU: 25-51621)
Fire Skull Karambit Knife (SKU: 25-573W)Fire Skull Karambit Knife (SKU: 25-573W)
The Shark Knife - 15 Inch Fantasy Knife (SKU: 25-6106)The Shark Knife - 15 Inch Fantasy Knife (SKU: 25-6106)
Deadly Blow Fantasy Claw (SKU: FM-491)Deadly Blow Fantasy Claw (SKU: FM-491)
Hibben Silver Shadow Knife (SKU: GH0441)Hibben Silver Shadow Knife (SKU: GH0441)
Gil Hibben - Double Shadow Fantasy Knife (SKU: GH0453)Gil Hibben - Double Shadow Fantasy Knife (SKU: GH0453)
Gil Hibben - Highlander Bowie (SKU: GH0627)Gil Hibben - Highlander Bowie (SKU: GH0627)
Night Stalker Fantasy Knife (SKU: MC-2088)Night Stalker Fantasy Knife (SKU: MC-2088)

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