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Bowie Knives

The original Bowie knife made famous by Colonel James (Jim) Bowie was a straight back knife with no clip point or hand guard and had a simple wooden riveted handle. Over the years the term "Bowie Knife" has come to mean any large fixed blade knife with a clip point like the various designs available here at Excalibur Brothers. Serving folks like you since 2003 Excalibur Brothers offers fast shipping, excellent service and competitive pricing.
You'll love your new Bowie Knife. We guarantee it.

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Boker Plus 2012 Collection Hunting Knife (SKU: 02BO2012)Boker Plus 2012 Collection Hunting Knife (SKU: 02BO2012)
Expendables Bowie with Sheath (SKU: GH5017)Expendables Bowie with Sheath (SKU: GH5017)
Gil Hibben - Highlander Bowie (SKU: GH0627)Gil Hibben - Highlander Bowie (SKU: GH0627)
Gil Hibben Survivor Bowie (SKU: GH5026)Gil Hibben Survivor Bowie (SKU: GH5026)
Hibben III Bowie Knife (SKU: GH201)Hibben III Bowie Knife (SKU: GH201)
Jungle Master Fixed Blade Tactical Bowie Knife (SKU: 25-L100MJ)Jungle Master Fixed Blade Tactical Bowie Knife (SKU: 25-L100MJ)
Trail Master San Mai (SKU: 16JSM)Trail Master San Mai (SKU: 16JSM)

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