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These are some of the actual e-mails and letters folks have sent us describing their experience with Excalibur Brothers and the products they have purchased. Copies of all e-mails and letters are on file in our office per US Federal regulations. I look forward to seeing your letter here soon.

Lawrence Piper

"Thank you for outstanding customer service! You did a wonderful job in communicating with me in regards to my order and delivery of my order. Thanks again. I will be ordering from you again in the future!!!" -- E.G. - Ohio, USA
"Received and Very happy with the purchase, My Father loved it, it was a great replica of the sword. The only thing that could have been better would have been to buy the real thing. Thank you again and have a great holiday." -- D.P. - Delaware, USA
"Received, Great, Thankx" -- J.J. - California, USA
"Received in fine condition. It made my son's Christmas!" -- M.W. - West Virginia, USA
"I just received your email concerning the Roman Helmet. Yes, it was received in good condition and in time for Christmas. I really appreciate your attentiveness to my order and my husband loved his gift. Thank you again for your efforts to secure this gift for me. Thank you." -- N.S. - Maryland, USA
"Sorry didn't get time to write back - the package arrived in good condition. I'm very happy with the purchase and has just delivered it to the birthday man. Thank you very much for your help and I will fill a positive rating for your website and recommend it to my friends." -- Z.H. - New Jersey - USA
"The helmet is beautiful and looks very authentic. Thank you for your excellent service." -- R.W. - California, USA
"I gave the ax to my boyfriend; he loved it. I showed him your website, he really likes all the things you offer. He's interested in start collecting weapons that have a medieval style." -- S.P. - New York, USA
"We are very pleased with the item we purchased thank you!" -- C.B. - Oklahoma, USA
"Hi, there. The sword arrived in time and we were very pleased with it. I'm actually wondering whether you have another in stock." -- J.F. - Ontario, Canada
"Yes, I received the sword and it is in perfect condition. I want to thank you once again for your outstanding customer service. Thanks" -- J.S. - Indiana, USA
"Just a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate your help in getting these items to me so quickly! The packages arrived yesterday and everything was perfect. I am looking forward to my next purchase from your site ! Thanks again !!" -- H.W. - North Carolina, USA
"My son loves it. He is very funny walking around the house with that thing on his head. I suspect he will be shopping for full body armor in the near future. Thanks for your personal attention and fantastic service." -- D.F. - Florida, USA
"Yes, I got it in good shape. I was amazed at the number of people that would not consider shipping it out to meet my schedule. I thank you very much for doing what I assumed was a normal business task, but Evidentially was something special."-- J.M. - Virginia, USA
"Many thanks for your prompt reply, I am impressed! Ask anyone who knows me that's not easy to do." -- B.P. - Washington, USA
"Everything arrived just fine. We were very pleased with it and are interested in ordering some more of these when you get another shipment." -- J.D. - Georgia, USA
"Thanks for the inquiry. All swords arrived in good condition...For all future sword orders I'll be sure to work through you." -- W.R. - Wisconsin, USA
"I received the product in excellent condition. Thank you." -- J.C. - Connecticut, USA
"I did receive my dagger and in good condition, I enjoyed doing business with you and hope to do it again in the future. Thank You again!" -- D.M. - Georgia, USA
"Thanks for the fast service, girlfriend son collects swords, daggers, knives etc.... Will make nice B-day gift. So I will be buying a lot more items from you." -- T.E. - New York, USA
"The item you sent came on time and in excellent condition. thank you!!!!!!!" -- R.H. - New York, USA
"The knife was received in perfect condition and in great time, too! My father will love it! I'm getting married in March and this is my "thank you" gift to him. Thank you so much for a wonderful gift." -- J.V. - New York, USA
"Yes, I did receive it. thank you very much. i gave it to my friend for his birthday and he loved it. Thank you. I will continue to business with you guys. you were very good at keeping me updated on delivery and everything. thanks again." -- T.B. - Arizona, USA
"I have received the Axe yesterday and OMG I love it. I am very impressed with the quality!!" -- Y.C. - Quebec, Canada
"Thank you for your great service!!" -- J.N. - Oregon, USA
"Thank you very much for the timely delivery the knife looks great." -- W.K. - North Carolina, USA
"Everything was just perfect - My kid loved it" -- D.W. - Texas, USA
"Received and with awesome timing..... thank you so much" -- M.S. - Florida, USA
"Yes we received the son loves it and he just opened it last night for his 16th birthday." -- J.M. - Pennsylvania, USA
"Yes - we rec'd knife in great condition. Very timely delivery too. This was a gift and I haven't heard back as to their satisfaction yet -- but I'm sure it will be positive. Thanks for the great service." -- L.S. - Illinois, USA
"The swords are great i can't wait to buy more" -- J.T. - Texas, USA
" The sword was beautiful, we will purchase more in the future. Thank you" -- P.D. - New Jersey, USA
"received love the knife" -- B.K. - North Carolina, USA
"Items were received and they are great!!A++++" -- M.S. - Minnesota, USA
"Once again, excellent service!!!!!" -- J.S. - Indiana, USA
"Received and very pleased" -- C.B. - Oklahoma, USA
"Yes, I received the Excalibur replica sword in good condition. It looks great. Thank you very much." -- E.C. - Virginia, USA
"I received the Legolas knives on Tuesday of this week. I was so surprised! I was expecting the 4-6 week shipping. I wanted to let you that I've never been happier with online purchasing. Your ordering was so easy, and it got here so quickly!!! Practically within a week! Very awesome. My husband wants to start a small collection of swords, so I will for sure purchase from you guys again! Thank you so much for everything. He's going to love his gift!" -- K.G. - Manitoba, Canada
"Thank you for checking. We did receive the axe and is very beautiful. My husband loved it. Thanks for all your help" -- L.M. - North Carolina, USA
"Item was received ahead of schedule and in good condition. Myself and the person the gift was intended for are very pleased. Thanks for the prompt service and follow up!" -- W.S. - Georgia, USA
"Thank you so much for your help and benevolence in the purchasing of the William Wallace sword. The sword arrived in great condition and was received with great joy" -- P.O. - Florida, USA
"I have received the knife and it is in great condition. I will definitely order from your company again. You have good prices and excellent customer service. The shipping was fast also." -- T.R. - Florida, USA
"Thank you !!! It looks great!" -- B.M. - Georgia, USA
"love em" -- R.L. - Illinois, USA
"The sword was received in excellent condition and was delivered very quickly. I'll definitely use your site again in the future" - -- J.J. - California, USA
"Thank you for your timely response to my order. It is a birthday gift for my husband. He will love it." -- N.O. - California, USA
"Thanks for the very timely delivery and the great service. Both are less and less common in today's business world. Thanks again." -- T.W. - Iowa, USA
"RECEIVED! Love It! Thank you so much! The knife and gift box were even better than I had hoped for. Excellent quality. I will certainly recommend your site to others interested in knives. Thank you for the prompt service as this is a graduation gift for my god-son." -- P.N. - Nebraska, USA
"Thank you everything was in good condition as well as on time" -- D.L. - New York, USA
"A nice quality piece thank you very much for your efforts." -- J.C. - Massachusetts, USA
"I just want to say that '' is the best site for swords and knives I've ever been to. This site made it extremely easy to find the one sword I was looking for, and when I saw the price I was shocked to see how low it was. I just recently ordered that sword which is the first out of many I will be collecting and ordering from the site. I am looking forward to finding and purchasing more. Thanks for having the best prices and finding me a great new hobby." -- T.W. - South Carolina, USA
"Thanks Lawrence, Goods arrived yesterday ...... Looks great, will be placed in pride of place." -- P.A. - New South Wales, Australia
"Dear Lawrence the swords arrived today and are in perfect conditions. I am very satisfied with your service and in the future I'll do an excellent publicity about you." -- S.B. - Guayas, Ecuador
"Thank you so much for your help and kindness. Your customer service is amazing and I wish all people had great service like you. Thank you again." -- S.E. - Pennsylvania, USA
"I received the Battle axe this morning. This thing is a Beaut. Thanks Bri. I'm eye balling those LOR elfin swords. (smile) But I must hold off.......Yeah right (smile)" -- B.R. - California, USA
"Just a quick note to let you know that the swords Narsil and Excalibur arrived and they are fine: Excalibur arrived in time for mounting and was a hit during our dance event. Thank you for the good customer service." -- J.R. - Maryland, USA
"Thank You Much! I Just Wanted To Send My Appreciation To Your Company For Being So Efficient!! You All Are An Amazing Distributor! I Will Continue To Refer This Site Along With Purchase Again From This Site In The Future! There Was Another Site That I Chose Prior To ExcaliburBrothers.Com, I Ordered The Sword On Sept. 19th And To This Day It IS Still Pending The Deal(Oct. 31). You All Were Able To Have This To Me In 4 Days Thank You Much! The Sword Is Very Beautiful And Is In Excellent Shape, Very Balanced And Packaged Very Nice! Once Again Thank You For The Awesome Product And Service I Give You All A Perfect 10!" -- T.S. - Minnesota, USA
"Hi- We got the Roman Crested helmet and it was fantastic! It was the crowning glory on my son's Halloween costume and the object of so much admiration. Thanks." -- T.H. - California, USA
"I received the sword...I found the sword in excellent condition! Thank you so much for your excellent and prompt customer service!! I will definitely be back!!!" -- B.S. - Maryland, USA
"Thank you so much for expediting this order. It was received a day earlier than expected. My son collects swords, etc., so we will definitely remember to check out your web site again. Thanks again." -- P.Z. - Virginia, USA
"Got my order on 04-26. Its in good order and very nice. Thank you for the great service." -- N.M. - California, USA
"The sword arrived today, in superb condition. Thank you for your prompt attention, and I look forward to more great products from future purchases." -- J.M. - Ohio, USA
"I received the claw and am very impressed with the workmanship. The service given to me by your company is some of the best I've gotten. I've never had a service contact me after I got my order to make sure I'm satisfied. If only every company was like that. Gotta say, it's first class." -- B.S. - Illinois, USA
"Received , and very satisfied" - F.D - Pennsylvania, USA
"Received and in great condition. Thanks" - M.F - New York, USA
"Lawrence, you are a peach. You have taken a tough situation and turned it into a really nice surprise. You can bet that your company will be the FIRST I turn to when I need anything this Christmas, and I will also be telling all of my friends to call you or to visit your web site. I have not seen such great customer service in 20 years. Thanks so much." - B.D. Texas, USA
"Yes, I have received the sword rack in good condition, just as expected. Thank you for supplying a great product." T.H. - California, USA
"My eight year old son will be receiving this on his birthday. He loves this stuff." - R.S - Louisiana, USA
"Thank you very much for a prompt shipment. Everything was received in tip-top condition and was well packaged. I hope to be acquiring more merchandise from you in the future. I especially am interested in swords that can be used as more than display - ie: demonstrations. Thank you again" - C.M. - New Jersey, USA
"Yes, we received the sword. My son loves it. He needed it for a play prop. Thanks!" - F.H. - Oklahoma, USA
"Matt loved his sword. Thank you very much." - M.B. - California, USA
"Once again I'm enthused with the level of customer service I'm getting from your business." - J.R. - Indiana, USA
"Yes sir everything is in good condition. Thank you very much for the email and the service." - J.D. - Michigan, USA
"Hi again! The battle axe came today- it is really cool! Thanks so much" - J.A. - Oregon, USA
"The sword came in perfect condition. My son really enjoys it hanging in his room. I appreciate the follow-up. I like your customer focus." - R.F. - Michigan, USA
"I received my sword very quickly and it was in great condition. THANKS!!!!!!!!!" - A.D. - Colorado, USA
"Thank-you for the follow-up. I did indeed receive the stand, in good condition. I appreciate how easy it was to order from you and have the item delivered without incident, despite the cross-border issues. I look forward to doing business with you again in the future." - C.S. - Alberta, Canada
"Thank you. We received the set in good condition. We intend it for display." - A.C. - Connecticut, USA
"Received in good condition." - C.M. - New York, USA
"Hey just wanted to say thanks for my helmet. Can't believe you can make them for $89. Totally awesome craftsmanship, fast shipping. My helmet is on for the Excalibur Brothers. Com" - B.H. - Washington, USA
"I want to say again that I appreciate all the effort you put into making this matter "right", and though I have dealt with many on-line companies that I thought were pretty efficient with customer service, I have to say that you stand alone above them. I will definitely recommend your company to friends in the future, I attend many Civil War re-enactments...there are many people I come in contact with that would be looking for items that you sell." - M.A. - Rhode Island, USA
"I just received 2 of the fantasy knives called "The Valdris". I am very pleased with the artistic work in the knives as well as very fast shipping...You guys have a "Super Site"!" - M.H. - Virginia, USA
"I want to thank you very much for making sure things got going, you will definitely get repeat business and i will refer you to others that might be interested!!!" - B.K - Maine, USA
"Thank you, we are very anxious for the shirt. Also, the Hanwei Practical Plus Elite sword is great." - M.C. - New York, USA
"The dragon head sword arrived promptly and was just as you advertised. Thank you for your communications and good service" - D.T. - Alabama, USA
"I just received the 42 inch Dragon Katana that I ordered last week and I'm greatly impressed with both your service and the quality of your swords. I wasn't expecting the sword to arrive as quickly as it did. And when I took it out of the box I was just astounded. It's gorgeous and superbly made. I will definitely order my next sword from Excalibur Brothers. And I'm certain the person who's getting this sword for Christmas will be ecstatically happy." - C.H. - Illinois, USA
I recently bought 2 swords and a battle axe from your site for Christmas 2009, I am very impressed with the quality and look of the pieces I chose. they look awesome hanging on my walls and I can hardly wait to get the piece I'm ordering tonight. great service, price and quality I will shop here again anytime. I live in Canada and have never had any issues getting your products delivered out here and apprieciate the short amount of time it takes to receive them. THANKS - S.B. Manitoba, Canada