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CAS Hanwei - Paul Chen - Swords

  • Top quality fully functional carbon steel swords designed by Paul Chen and produced by CAS Hanwei
  • The swords are excellent for use in tameshigiri cutting competitions or other martial arts events.
  • You'll love your new Hanwei sword. We Guarantee It!
  • Unfortunately in 2011 CAS Hanwei suffered the loss of their forging facility in China due to a massive fire.
  • Rebuilding efforts were begun but bad weather halted reconstruction efforts until spring 2012.
  • Items have begun to be replenished but stock is still slow in arriving and being distributed as equitably as possible among dealers.

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Hanwei - Basket-Hilt Broadsword (SKU: SH2002)Hanwei - Basket-Hilt Broadsword (SKU: SH2002)
Hanwei - Cromwell Sword (SKU: SH1049)Hanwei - Cromwell Sword (SKU: SH1049)
Hanwei - Golden Oriole Series - Katana (SKU: SH1018)Hanwei - Golden Oriole Series - Katana (SKU: SH1018)
Hanwei - Golden Oriole Series - Wakizashi (SKU: SH1019)Hanwei - Golden Oriole Series - Wakizashi (SKU: SH1019)
Hanwei - Great Wave Series - Katana (SKU: SH5004)Hanwei - Great Wave Series - Katana (SKU: SH5004)
Hanwei - Henry V Sword (SKU: SH2369)Hanwei - Henry V Sword (SKU: SH2369)
Hanwei - Marshall Sword (SKU: SH2000)Hanwei - Marshall Sword (SKU: SH2000)
Hanwei - Practical Elite Katana (SKU: SH6000KPC)Hanwei - Practical Elite Katana (SKU: SH6000KPC)
Hanwei - Practical Plus Elite Katana (SKU: SH6001KPE)Hanwei - Practical Plus Elite Katana (SKU: SH6001KPE)
Hanwei - Practical Plus Series Wakizashi (SKU: SH2118)Hanwei - Practical Plus Series Wakizashi (SKU: SH2118)
Hanwei - Practical Plus XL Light Katana (SKU: SH6001LPF)Hanwei - Practical Plus XL Light Katana (SKU: SH6001LPF)
Hanwei - Practical Pro Series - Katana (SKU: SH2162)Hanwei - Practical Pro Series - Katana (SKU: SH2162)
Hanwei - Practical Wushu Sword (SKU: SH2062)Hanwei - Practical Wushu Sword (SKU: SH2062)
Hanwei - Practical XL Light Katana (SKU: SH6000LPF)Hanwei - Practical XL Light Katana (SKU: SH6000LPF)
Hanwei - Raptor Katana - Shinogi Zukuri (SKU: SH2414)Hanwei - Raptor Katana - Shinogi Zukuri (SKU: SH2414)
Hanwei - Raptor Katana - Shobu Zukuri (SKU: SH2417)Hanwei - Raptor Katana - Shobu Zukuri (SKU: SH2417)
Hanwei - Scottish Basket Hilt Backsword (SKU: SH2003)Hanwei - Scottish Basket Hilt Backsword (SKU: SH2003)
Hanwei - Shinto - Katana (SKU: SH1001)Hanwei - Shinto - Katana (SKU: SH1001)
Hanwei - Wind & Thunder - Katana (SKU: SH5001)Hanwei - Wind & Thunder - Katana (SKU: SH5001)
Hanwei - Yari, Rattan Wrap (SKU: SH2312)Hanwei - Yari, Rattan Wrap (SKU: SH2312)
Hunter Katana (SKU: SH2471)Hunter Katana (SKU: SH2471)
Practical Iaito - 27" (SKU: SH6000IGC)Practical Iaito - 27" (SKU: SH6000IGC)
Practical Iaito - 29" (SKU: SH6000IGG)Practical Iaito - 29" (SKU: SH6000IGG)
Practical Plus Series Katana (SKU: SH2073)Practical Plus Series Katana (SKU: SH2073)
Practical Plus XL Katana (SKU: SH6001XPF)Practical Plus XL Katana (SKU: SH6001XPF)
Practical Series Wakizashi (SKU: SH2061)Practical Series Wakizashi (SKU: SH2061)
Practical Shinobi Ninja-To (White Same) (SKU: SH1071)Practical Shinobi Ninja-To (White Same) (SKU: SH1071)
Radaelli Sabre (SKU: SH2200)Radaelli Sabre (SKU: SH2200)

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