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Medieval Rings

These rings are made from fine English pewter by some of the UK's finest Gothic artists. To order click on the title or image of the ring you want, select the size you need and click the "Add To Cart" button on the product page.

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Absinthe Fairy Spirit Crystal (SKU: R120)Absinthe Fairy Spirit Crystal (SKU: R120)
Agla (SKU: R71)Agla (SKU: R71)
Angels Eye (SKU: R124)Angels Eye (SKU: R124)
Automation's Eye (SKU: R178)Automation's Eye (SKU: R178)
Betrothal (SKU: R134)Betrothal (SKU: R134)
Broken Heart (SKU: R123)Broken Heart (SKU: R123)
Caput Mortum (SKU: R72)Caput Mortum (SKU: R72)
Celtic Theurgy-Ring (SKU: R50)Celtic Theurgy-Ring (SKU: R50)
Chaos Signet (SKU: R99)Chaos Signet (SKU: R99)
Death Ring (SKU: R6)Death Ring (SKU: R6)
Demi Alchemist (SKU: R16)Demi Alchemist (SKU: R16)
Deus Et Natura (SKU: R73)Deus Et Natura (SKU: R73)
Dr. Von Rosenstein's Induction Principle Ring (SKU: R44)Dr. Von Rosenstein's Induction Principle Ring (SKU: R44)
Dragons Celtica (SKU: R86)Dragons Celtica (SKU: R86)
Elizabethan (SKU: R156)Elizabethan (SKU: R156)
Eye of the Devil (SKU: R24)Eye of the Devil (SKU: R24)
GMT Feromonic Field Detector (SKU: R147)GMT Feromonic Field Detector (SKU: R147)
Hell's Doormat (SKU: R176)Hell's Doormat (SKU: R176)
Hi-Voltage Toric Generator Ring (SKU: R149)Hi-Voltage Toric Generator Ring (SKU: R149)
In Memoriam (SKU: R145)In Memoriam (SKU: R145)
Omega Skull (SKU: R122)Omega Skull (SKU: R122)
Passion (SKU: R167)Passion (SKU: R167)
Pentagration (SKU: R175)Pentagration (SKU: R175)
Pewter Alchemy Dragon Curl (SKU: R183)Pewter Alchemy Dragon Curl (SKU: R183)
Roseus Pentagram (SKU: R23)Roseus Pentagram (SKU: R23)
Ruination Skull (SKU: R174)Ruination Skull (SKU: R174)
Runeband (SKU: R173)Runeband (SKU: R173)
Shadow of Death (SKU: R105)Shadow of Death (SKU: R105)
The Great Wish-Ring (SKU: R36)The Great Wish-Ring (SKU: R36)
Thor's Runehammer (SKU: R171)Thor's Runehammer (SKU: R171)
Vamp Ring (SKU: R152)Vamp Ring (SKU: R152)
Venetian Vanity (SKU: R168)Venetian Vanity (SKU: R168)
Victoria's Glad-Rocks (SKU: R161)Victoria's Glad-Rocks (SKU: R161)
Wyverex Dragon Signet Ring (SKU: R154)Wyverex Dragon Signet Ring (SKU: R154)

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