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Ka-Bar Knives | USMC Ka-Bar

Ka-Bar knives are manufactured in the USA located in Olean, NY. They are affordable, top quality knives that have been serving our armed forces and folks like you for over 70 years. You get a lot of knife for not a lot of money. Manufactured with your saftey and survival in mind Ka-Bar knives have been known to "Kill A Bear".

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Becker Magnum Camp (SKU: BK5)Becker Magnum Camp (SKU: BK5)
Big Brother Ka-Bar (SKU: 2217)Big Brother Ka-Bar (SKU: 2217)
Big Brother Ka-Bar (SKU: 2211)Big Brother Ka-Bar (SKU: 2211)
Black Kukri Machete (SKU: 1249)Black Kukri Machete (SKU: 1249)
Cutlass Machete (SKU: 1248)Cutlass Machete (SKU: 1248)
D2 Extreme Fighting - Glass Nylon Sheath (SKU: 1282)D2 Extreme Fighting - Glass Nylon Sheath (SKU: 1282)
D2 Extreme Fighting - Leather Sheath (SKU: 1283)D2 Extreme Fighting - Leather Sheath (SKU: 1283)
Grass Machete (SKU: 1279)Grass Machete (SKU: 1279)
Leather Handled Bowie (SKU: 1236)Leather Handled Bowie (SKU: 1236)
Leather Handled Hunter (SKU: 1235)Leather Handled Hunter (SKU: 1235)
Short USMC Ka-Bar (SKU: 1250)Short USMC Ka-Bar (SKU: 1250)
Traditional Ka-Bar-Tanto Blade (SKU: 1211)Traditional Ka-Bar-Tanto Blade (SKU: 1211)
US Army Ka-Bar (SKU: 1220)US Army Ka-Bar (SKU: 1220)
US Navy Ka-Bar (SKU: 1225)US Navy Ka-Bar (SKU: 1225)
USMC Ka-Bar (SKU: 1217)USMC Ka-Bar (SKU: 1217)
USMC Ka-Bar-Serrated (SKU: 1218)USMC Ka-Bar-Serrated (SKU: 1218)

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