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Boker - Solingen

Today Boker is renowned all over the word as manufacturer and supplier of an unmatched variety of blade and handle materials and biggest manufacturer in Europe for Sport Knives, Tactical Knives and Collector's knives.
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Boker Solingen - Beer Barrel Congress (SKU: 115464BBL)Boker Solingen - Beer Barrel Congress (SKU: 115464BBL)
Boker Solingen - Beer Barrel Copperhead (SKU: 112626BBL)Boker Solingen - Beer Barrel Copperhead (SKU: 112626BBL)
Boker Solingen - Beer Barrel Stockman (SKU: 117474BBL)Boker Solingen - Beer Barrel Stockman (SKU: 117474BBL)
Boker Solingen - Haddock Damascus (SKU: 110617DAM)Boker Solingen - Haddock Damascus (SKU: 110617DAM)
Boker Solingen - Mammut I (SKU: 110146)Boker Solingen - Mammut I (SKU: 110146)
Boker Solingen - Mammut II (SKU: 111009)Boker Solingen - Mammut II (SKU: 111009)
Boker Solingen - Merlin (SKU: 110621)Boker Solingen - Merlin (SKU: 110621)
Boker Solingen - Vollintegal w/Micarta (SKU: 120585M)Boker Solingen - Vollintegal w/Micarta (SKU: 120585M)
Boker Solingen Special Run Cox Damascus (SKU: 110618DAM)Boker Solingen Special Run Cox Damascus (SKU: 110618DAM)

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