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Boker - Plus

Boker, under the new label BOKER PLUS, is now producing knives that meet critical demands. This new series is produced with strict instructions and quality checks by our well-known business partners
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Boker Plus - Anti MC (SKU: 01BO035)Boker Plus - Anti MC (SKU: 01BO035)
Boker Plus - Armed Forces Folder II (SKU: 01BO114)Boker Plus - Armed Forces Folder II (SKU: 01BO114)
Boker Plus - KAL 10 S (SKU: 01KAL10S)Boker Plus - KAL 10 S (SKU: 01KAL10S)
Boker Plus - KAL 10 T (SKU: 01KAL10T)Boker Plus - KAL 10 T (SKU: 01KAL10T)
Boker Plus - KAL 11 Folder (SKU: 01KAL11)Boker Plus - KAL 11 Folder (SKU: 01KAL11)
Boker Plus - Rambler (SKU: 02BO182)Boker Plus - Rambler (SKU: 02BO182)
Boker Plus - Sanyougo Green (SKU: 03BO051)Boker Plus - Sanyougo Green (SKU: 03BO051)
Boker Plus - Subcom Folder (SKU: 01BO589)Boker Plus - Subcom Folder (SKU: 01BO589)
Boker Plus - Tunnel Rat (SKU: 02BO700)Boker Plus - Tunnel Rat (SKU: 02BO700)
Boker Plus - Whale (SKU: 01BO620)Boker Plus - Whale (SKU: 01BO620)
Boker Plus 2012 Collection Hunting Knife (SKU: 02BO2012)Boker Plus 2012 Collection Hunting Knife (SKU: 02BO2012)
Boker Plus Cera-Tac (SKU: 01BO037)Boker Plus Cera-Tac (SKU: 01BO037)
Boker Plus Mega Mini (SKU: 02BO258)Boker Plus Mega Mini (SKU: 02BO258)
Boker Plus Newton Martin K-BIT (SKU: 02BO030)Boker Plus Newton Martin K-BIT (SKU: 02BO030)
Boker Plus Titan Drop (SKU: 01BO188)Boker Plus Titan Drop (SKU: 01BO188)

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