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  1. Kenau Reeves stars in the first Hollywood adaptation of the Japanese folk story 47 Ronin.

    Reeves play Kai a "half-breed" from an English sailor and Japanese mother. He had been rejected and exiled by his own people.

    After the murder of a samurai master by a wicked and mystical Shogun, a group now leaderless samurai knows as the 47 Ronin enlist the aid of Kai the man they once rejected.

    Fast moving action scenes, mystical adversaries and lots of special effects mark this version of the Japanese classic story released on Christmas Day 2013.

    Master Cutlery has obtained the official license to reproduce the swords in the Universal Studios release. Now you can own each of these 47 Ronin Movie Sword Replicas.

    But you have to hurry as each sword is limited in production to just 2000 pieces worldwide. You will get a serialized certificate of authenticity with the blade to show you own an originial officially licensed version.

    Here's the official Movie Trailer on YouTube

  2. While deemed to be fictional creatures of the dark, certain cultures do suggest that these blood suckers do indeed exist. Over the ages, many instances of vampiric entities have been seen and recorded. The areas from where the frequent legends came from belong to the Balkans and the Eastern Europe. While even folklores have suggested a wide range of appearances of the blood sucking creatures, it has been Bram Stoker’s novel in 1897 that came by the name of Dracula, the king of Vampires that proves the basis for modern vampire characters.

    Whatever it is, when there is a villain, there must be a hero to save society, and when we are talking of evil blood sucking creatures of the night, there is something more that the hero needs to be equipped with other than the courage to fight back.

    All of us are aware of the fact that you cannot simply kill a vamp with bullets or other ordinary weapons. It is only crucifixes and holy swords and knives that can pierce their hearts and sent them to permanent extinction. Since they are faster and stronger than humans and equipped with sharper senses, identifying a vampire is only the first step. Knowledge of how to use specific weapons and fighting skills will be needed to finish the job. Here are the weapons that no vampire hunter will miss in his/her kit.

    Ultraviolet Movie Sword Replica - Violet's Sword
    Ultraviolet SwordUltraviolet had vowed with her life to send the vampires to extinction. Vampires can and will recover fast but Violet’s machete/samurai sword will bring them down long enough for you to proceed with a swift decapitation. However, there isn’t a chance that an ordinary human being will be capable to piercing the dark heart of a blood sucker. It is the courage and skills of Violet that will be the real challenge.

    Balkan Revenant's Cross

    Balkan Revenant's CrossHollywood has suggested time and often that Crucifixes have been enough to repel and defeat vampires and for that matter a pair of hunting knives held in the shape of a cross is enough for the attack. However, it isn’t necessarily so! Balkan Revenant’s Cross is a Greek orthodox cross that even the mightiest of vampires will shrink in fear from.

    The Night Stalker Fantasy Knife

    Night Stalker Fantasy KnifeTo match the vampire’s superior speed, you need to be agile like a vampire. There are rarely weapons like the Night Stalker Fantasy Knife that contribute to the cause. The grip ensures that the weapon becomes a part of your body while the wind blades and metal claws will be feared by the suckers. Light and strong, these blades will pierce immortality.

    Dracula's Castle Dagger

    Dracula's Castle DaggerDracula’s own Castle Dagger  is one of the few weapons that can actually hurt a vampire. The bat wings make it fly through the air using the vampires’ own powers against them. 
  3. Hobbits had inhabited Middle Earth for millenia and cared little for the affairs of men, elves, dwarves and wizards. They had a general dislike of anything that seemed like an adventure. The Lord of the Rings trilogy, however, exposed us to the lovable characters Frodo Baggins, Samwise Gamgee, Meriadoc Brandybuck and Peregrin Took who risked their lives and fought for its protection. The story of how the One Ring was found, the story of Bilbo Baggins and his quest to Erebor with the dwarves has finally been brought to the big screen after countless years of waiting. Here is a sneak-peak into the blades that protected The Shire and Bree of Middle Earth.

    Thorin Oakenshield's Sword - Orcrist

    The dwarf prince Thorin Oakenshield may have thrown away Orcrist, had he not been told of the blade’s greatness. Made by great elven warriors in the time of the Westernesse the sword was wielded by the leader of the dwarven clan and was buried with him in Erabor.

    The cleaving edge was the nightmare of the goblin kind and this is also the reason that the sword got a nickname of “Goblin Cleaver”.

    The Orcrist Movie Sword Replica recreates the look of a polished dragon fang and is superbly light, balanced and hardy. Further providing flexibility, the razor sharp blade will cut almost anything in its way, not just the orcs and goblins.          

    The Staff of Gandalf

     Wielded by one of the most powerful wizards in Middle Earth, the Staff of Gandalf isn’t just a walking stick.

    Gandalf could conjure up his inner power and direct it straight at his enemies!

    He could use it to split rocks, start fires, provide light, or give it a good swing and take out dozens in one blow.

    You to can have this staff and conjure up your own inner power.    

     Glamdring – the Sword of Gandalf
    If Gandalf's magical staff isn’t enough for you then maybe you prefer Glamdring. The sacred weapon of the mighty wizard, Glamdring was the creation of the high elves from the West.

    Glamdring had been lost for a thousand years before it was found with Orcrist and Sting by Bilbo and the Dwarves in the troll lair in Rhûdaur. No record has ever been found telling how it came to be in the Trolls possession.

    The blade was used to defeat the evil forces of the Goblins in The Misty Mountains and to protect the Fellowship of The Ring in their efforts to destroy the One Ring.

    The sword remained on Gandalf’s side when he sailed to the west with the other elves and Great Ring Bearers Elrond, Galdriel and Frodo.      

    Sting – the Sword of Bilbo Baggins

     Bilbo's sword was really more a knife or dagger but for someone barely 3 feet tall it was perfect for use as a sword. It was found with Orcrist and Glamdring in the trolls lair. After Bilbo's fight in Mirkwood with the spiders he proclaimed. "I shall name you Sting."

    Like Orcrist and Glamdring this is a special elven sword and glows blue when Goblins or Orcs draw near. Should you ever awaken to a blue glow you can grab Sting and embrace it's amazing power.

    The wielder of Sting can display cunning and confidence using this unique and awesome movie replica.    

    For these and even more movie sword replicas. Head on over to Excalibur
  4. The Staff of Gandalf from the movie The Hobbit: An Unexected Journey is now available. 

    The classic book by J.R.R. Tolkein has been adapted into a 3 part movie series from New Line Productions and is directed by Peter Jackson director of "The Lord of The Rings" trilogy.

    Gandalf's staff is more than just a walking stick. It is a source of ancient power in Middle Earth and has the power to split rock, provide light and even start fires.

    This is an officially licensed version, meticulously recreated from the original movie prop and produced by United Cutlery a leader in fine movie replicas.

    Best of all it's on sale until the end of March for just $138.97 (that's less than BudK and 32% off the suggested retail)